Sep 22, 2010

Ubuntu Sabily : OS for Muslim!!!


For dis post, i wanna promote about computer stuff which is the Operating System (OS). Without OS, computer is unusable. Ok, maybe there is still some of you don't know what the heck is dis OS mean.....i give an example.

-Windows XP-
-Windows Vista-
-Windows 7-

That's what we called Operating System (OS). Most famous and common OS right now is 'Windows' build by Microsoft. That's why Bill Gates can became most richest people on earth! Another example of OS is :

-Mac OS X (Snow Leopard)-

So, in dis post, i want to talk about OS developed specially for Muslim; Ubuntu Sabily!
-Sabily use the Ubuntu operating system as a groundwork.
-Ubuntu is a GNU/Linux distribution whose goal is to provide an easy-to-use, up-to-date, stable and free system, also for companies.
-Ubuntu Sabily operating system has been customized to be adapted for Muslim

I'm still beginner at using this Linux distribution OS but you can ask someone who is 'pro' in this or maybe the group that created this superb OS.

You can visit the official Linux Sabily blog here
visit Sabily homepage here
(maybe you can get a new knowledge about Linux)

Some of the screenshot in Sabily 10.04 codename : Manarat

Login screen

Sabily Manarat desktop view

Btw, i have installed this OS at my home PC. It's great! The contents include :
  • sabily-artwork: customized usplash, GDM theme, Metacity theme, cursor, wallpapers etc.
  • minbar: Islamic prayer times application
  • zekr: Quranic Study Tool
  • zekr-quran-recitation-online-*: all available online recitations
  • zekr-quran-translation-*: all available translations
  • monajat: application that popups prayers every predetermined time
  • firefox-praytimes: Firefox extension that displays Islamic daily prayer times
  • webstrict: UI frontend to DansGuardian (web content filtering tool)
  • nanny: parental control system
  • thawab: Electronic Encyclopedia System
  • hijra: Islamic calendar
  • mus-haf Othman : Othman Quran Browser
  • noor: Quran viewer
  • fsool: abbreviated chapters in the Messenger vita
  • rejaal: Men around the prophet
The list above is just the main software, there is still a bunch of free software which is (exactly same as microsoft office) and many more!!!

In the next post, i'll explain on how to download & install this OS since i've installed it in my PC. So, let's see again on the next post, Insya Allah. Wassalam

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  1. can be install in windows also..
    by using virtualbox..