Dec 31, 2009

What i dream for...

"I want to be an entrepreneur when i grown up."

Dat's my ambition since da age of 14.

1stly, maybe bcoz selok-belok dalam bidang perniagaan flow in my blood since my father is a businessman. I want to follow my father footstep. 2ndly, our prophet, Muhammad SAW once stated dat 9/10 wealth comes from business.

Rasulullah SAW bersabda: "Hendaklah kamu berniaga kerana sesungguhnya sembilan bahagian dari rezeki berada di dalam perniagaan." (Riwayat Ibrahim al-arabi dari Na'im ibn Abdurrahman).

One day, I read about a book entitled "losing my virginity." At first, I, wut kind of book is dis? Since virgin in malay means 'dara'. So, losing my virginity means saya hilang dara. Damn, wut's dis. Curiosity crawled in, I read bout it.

Losing my virginity...interesting topic

Seriously, at dat moment, i didn't knew dat virgin is a name of a multi-national company. So, since dat moment....i knew exactly what does he meant by "losing my virginity" and he, Richard Branson has created one of the most recognizable brands in the world. He is now listed in top 50 most richest people in the world. Richard Branson is my idol entrepreneur.


A little bit history of him (this section was written in BM) :

-1960, beliau, 16 tahun menerbitkan akhbar 'Student at the Age of Sixteen' dan belia menempa kejayaan yang besar di bidang penerbitan hanya dengan majalah berkenaan.

-1970, mula menceburi bidang muzik dan menubuhkan sebuah syarikat yang diberi nama Branson and Co. yang menjual kaset-kaset lagu.
-Membuka sebuah kedai muzik yang diberi nama Virgin kerana beliau beranggapan, beliau masih mentah dalam dunia perniagaan.
-1972, studio rakaman pertama Virgin Records(now known as V2 Music) ditubuhkan di Oxfordshire, England.

-1984, mula menceburi industri penerbangan dengan menubuhkan syarikat penerbangan sendiri iaitu Virgin Airlines(sekarang ditukar menjadi Virgin Atlantic) dan menjadi syarikat penerbangan antarabangsa kedua terbesar di Britain.

-Menubuhkan syarikat minuman berperisa yang dikenali dengan nama Virgin Cola dan minumannya berjaya mengatasi penjualan pepsi.


Act, there's still another Virgin company but i don't know about the history of their establishment. From research i found in the internet, there is....

Virgin Megastores - Music Super-markets located in major locations in the UK, USA and Australia.
Virgin Books - Publisher and distributor of books.
Virgin Credit Card - Branson's attempt to provide credit card at a reasonable price.
Virgin Holidays - Book a holiday and fly Virgin Atlantic?
Virgin Trains - Virgin making trains sexy in the United Kingdom.
Virgin Active - Chain of fitness clubs throughout the United Kingdom.
Virgin Galactic - Branson's planned affordable flight to space venture.

So, dat's a brief story bout my idol entrepreneur. Hope I can be 1 of it one day thus can bring back our economy stable....Insya Allah. Penguasaan dari segi ekonomi...sepertimana yang kita pernah kecapi dulu di zaman kegemilangan Islam, dat's my hope. Kenapa kita tak boleh kalahkan yahudi? Sedangkn negara mereka kecil...saudara2 Islam kita di seluruh dunia ramai. Bilangan kita ramai tetapi umpama buih di lautan....x terdaya melakukan apa2. Economy is one of da factor. With money, they can buy weapons to destroy and kill our relatives in Palestine. Most of the world's richest people is a jew....Donald Trump as example. When muslim conquer the world economy, we can help the palestinian to free themselves by providing military source. Let's money do the talking....

Looking at my own brand (ti:zed)....perhaps

Dec 30, 2009

There's an outsider in my house!!!

Salam, it's quite a long time since i update dis blog. So, dis time I wanna post about my tiring but enjoyable weekend which was on 26th of December 2009.

Act, wut i mean about "da outsider" was a tourist in fact. It was unplanned decision when suddenly i knew dat both of da japanese exchange student went to Faizul house in Kota Tinggi. Then, Faizul text me & let out an idea about hanging around at Jusco Tebrau City, Metropolitan City of Johor Bahru. :) I took dis opportunity to take both of da japanese student to my house or maybe have a 1 nite stay since my parent & lil sister were very enthusiasm to see them.

Nk dipendekkan last, "there's an outsider in my house." Haha. 2 la topik for dis post. I brought 3 of my fren home. Faizul Salihin and both of da japanese student, Shuhei & Sachio were their given name. Seriously, it was a very tiring weeknd since all of da time was full with travelling. Pg sana sini berjalan. Maklumlah, bw pelancong asing blk umah...excited la nk tunjuk apa2 yg mengagungkan Johor Bahru ni sekaligus menaikkan nama M'sia.

Full detail of da story on 26th of December 2009....i met with Faizul, Nizam, Ban, and both of da Japanese at Jusco Tebrau City aroun 1 pm. I wake up as early 10.30am. It's unusual for me. After having a movie (Alvin & da Chipmunks 2), mkn2 & a little 散歩する(jalan2, window shoppng) until it was around 6.30pm. So, it's time to go back home & we said good bye to Nizam & Ban since they were going back to their respective houses.

B4 i move on, better introduce both of them 1st.

Sachio, me, & Shuhei

After maghrib...we went out to Daiman Bowl at Johor Jaya. It was Sachio request since he's very keen to play bowling dat day. Maybe he wanted to test on how the greatness da bowling arena in JB. Dat day....a miracle in my life, 1st time in my life i saw my granny step her foot inside bowling arena. Haha...maybe sbb excited ngan tourist overseas ni, ikut jela brjalan. So, we played bowling for 2 sets. "No wonder Sachio really wanted to play bowling dat day...maybe bcoz he knew dat his lucky star was shining brightly." He won both of da set.

Faizul not in da pic...

Us at Daiman Bowl....

After finished with's time 2 eat. おなかがもうペコペコですよ。So, we went to......(sorry, forgot da name of da place). It's just a warong along road but seyesly famous with their Bubur Nasi. "Best in JB & Singapore." So, we ordered bubur nasi & add on kerang rebus. Mula2 mak aku risau gk, diorng ni blh ke x makan bubur nasi....bila ditanya, diorang jwb, 何でもいい。So, bantai je la. Seyesly it's delicious...smpai org jepun 2 pn mengaku sedap.

Sachio's favourite word, "bubur nashi shedap." Haha, can't forget dat.

Finished eating...still not thinking on going back home, my mum decided to bring them to see Singapore from far. So, we brought them to Danga Bay. Nothing much, just a few snapshot at da beach of Johor Bahru & we went back home.


The next day, gonna sent them back to Kota Tinggi coz they're going to Mersing (stay at 1 of my fren house there). But, before we sent them to Mersing....still have 1 destination to bring them. Tanjung Puteri, Gelang where da rumours bout WPI, Wilayah Perindustrian Iskandar is. The place is still under construction....still not fully complete.

Below is da pic dat we snap at Tanjung Puteri...

Act, there is a view of a bay behind...but it was raining, so can't go further. ちょっと残念 the information counter. For tourist who want to stay in a resort.

The end.....quite tired to tell more specific about dis story. Look at the time's 5 in da morning & i still not yet sleep. Arghh....i'm in a damn sleepy rite now. Gonna make dis fast & wait for Subuh prayer then want to SLEEP. Let da pic tell da story....hope u enjoy it, thanx 4 reading.

My family (except my dad, he's outstation) with Sachio & Shuhei

2 jejaka melayu terakhir & 2 jejaka jepun terawal...haha
(thinkng of caption makes me tired)

My lil sis & granny with them....nenek aku pn rajin gk melayan kerenah diorng ni. Huhu

THE END.....


Dec 13, 2009

1st long weekend


1stly, sori 2 Azim(baloo)...aku cilok ur topic. Actually, it's not a REAL LONG weeknd pn. It's just an ordinary weeknd just plus 1 day off since it was da birthday of Sultan Selangor. So, just wanna share wut did I done in this weeknd since it's quite long i didn't post any new article.

Begin with friday night...dunno wut happen to YPM coz suddenly they arranged a dinner for all of us. Although they were some conflicts (sorry, can't mention about it....sensitive). We (JAD students だけ) were invited to join the dinner at Hotel Istana, Kuala Lumpur. Wut a nice hotel. There were still some ques that gobbling in my mind...why suddenly YPM become such very nice to have a dinner in such exclusive 5 star hotel, with a 目的, to introduce all the YPM staff who works in JAD. So that we can know them better. Ada gk la sampingan ckp pasal rules & those ear sore stuff. Never long as we get a free dinner, Alhamdulillah. Thanks YPM, hope we can have it more often. Huhu.

Performance from my batch....mantap. Our boy bands

さちおさん、ゼッドと 周平さん(was it da right kanji?)

1 more thing, before i forget....da pic above shows me with 2 of our new batch-mate. Lmbt dftar....duk jauh sangat, so diorang lmbat smpai. Actually, they are foreign student from together with us in JAD.


End of story about dinner...move on to the leader of the day, Friday. Nuthing special actually...after Friday's prayer, went out to Mid Valley Megamall. Hanged around with Pian, Ciko & Pumba. Main purpose : Ninja Assassin

Ninja Assassin...better dun watch it with ur girlfren. Maybe girl quite scared.
Darah mengalir cam air

Alhamdulillah, dpt gak tgk.....we got a 9.00pm movie ticket. After movie, went back to tbp by taxi. Luckily, we got a middle age man who is so kind who just let us paid the fare for only RM30. Pian mmg kaki bodek la, haha. I think it's quite cheap since the distance from Mid Valley to tbp quite far...


So, saturday....our futsal match. Located at Sport Planet, Shah Alam, we had our futsal tournament there. If i'm not was Piala CEO YPM (sumthing like dat kot). Every batch sent 3 teams. Secara ringkas je la...all of us (my batch) have tried our best but luck was not on our side. Only 1 out of 3 teams of our batch qualified to the quarter. In the quarter team (N7) fought with Hoobin (大先輩). We got our first lead in the game by Raji's goal....but unfortunately, we have to agree with the talent 大先輩 got. A quick free kick goal by Adib and amazing goal from quite an impossible angle shot from Azuan thus made us lost the match. 悲しいですよ。Hampa...we tried our best to be in the last 4 in order to have the chance to receive the prize.

N7 Team members :
Azam, Fawwas, Zed, Adan, Syakir, Ayami, Raji

Tired of typing...maybe i should stop here. So, thanx for reading. Wassalam

Nov 29, 2009

Cuti yang pendek tetap dimanfaatkan


Sempena masih dlm musim Aidiladha ni, aku ingin amik ksempatan untuk mengucapkn Selamat Menyambut AidilAdha walaupn agk terlambat....Dh bape ekor lembu/kambing yg saudara-saudari tumbangkn? Atau mungkin unta? Paling cikai pn....bape ekor ayam?

So, skang ni aku pn sedang bercuti....cuti Aidiladha. Act, shouldn't call as holiday coz it's just a 3 days. Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Sbtu & Ahad 2 dh memang sah, it's just friday day off. But, what can we do. Dat's JAD....mmg dh termaktub dlm perlembagaan JAD, cuti skit. Kedek tul....haha.

Eventhough it's just 3 days family & I had a great day. We went to Puteri tgk pemandangan kt situ. Act, it's a new site that is still under development. Located at WPI, Gelang Patah, Johor near where Legoland gonna be build. My mum brought us there....just to have the view of sea & beautiful scenery. Orng cakp kalo tgk alam semulajadi ni, blh tenangkn fikiran & hilangkan stress. So, dat's da point. Hilangkn stress belaja (reason sama je) Huhu...

So, below is da pic....hope U'll enjoy it too. Do come to WPI 4 urself....haha. (Nk promote Johor la ni).

My mum with my grandma....

My beloved mum....Sharifah Fara bt. Syed Fadil

I'm not as dark like dis....image quality low was 1 of the cause.

My lil sister....Hannan

Nov 28, 2009

Kembalilah wahai remaja sekalian...


Sebenarnya, xde idea sangt nk tulis apa. Just nk mnceritakn skit pengalamn yg aku dpt time kuar hujng minggu ari 2. Aku, Syamil, Jay, Bikai, & Pian....Time nk kuar, dlm KTM sepanjng perjalanan dari KTM Batu 3 ke KL Sentral...macam2 ragam manusia yg aku lihat. But, there's group of teenagers who caught my attention. Bila tgk kt diorng ni, rasa sedih menyelinap ke dalam tubuhku. Sedih terhadap sikap dan imej diorng.

Remaja yg menjadi tunjang dan nadi kepada pembangunan negara akan datang, sepatutnya menunjukkan nilai dan akhlak yg tinggi. Tp, kalo since remaja lg dah rosak...boleh ke diri sendiri nk brubah bila dh semakin meningkat dewasa apatah lagi nk membantu negara mencapai kemajuan? Ntah2 kemajuan yg berjaya dicapai ialah 'cara yg lebih advance' dlm melakukan social relationship. Subhanallah.

Maaf jika tiada aku mengutarakan pendapat dan pandangan aku sndiri. Every person has their own opinion and this is mine.Ni lah remaja yg menarik perhatian kami sepanjng perjalanan ke KL Sentral. Dhla dengan mewarnakan kuku ngan warna hitam, buat tanda pangkah kt tangan ngan marker whiteboard(sj nk wat dlm tren, nk menunjuk...marker murah je!). Belum lagi kira dengan pasang muzik kuat2 dlm tren...xtau lagu apa, either it was a song or just a human scream?

Kalo dilihat, mengikut anggaran...remaja ni baru belasan tahun tapi dh terpengaruh ngan budaya barat yang agak pelik ni.

Ke mana hilangnya adab, akhlak dan budi pekerti orang Melayu, remaja Muslim?

Adakah setakat islam pada IC?

Siapa yang bersalah dalam hal ni....adakah salah ibu mengandung, atau salah bapa tak pakai condom?

Kalo beginilah sikap remaja masa kini yang terlalu memuja budaya negatif barat...nescaya Malaysia takkan ke mana. Islam tetap akan dipandang hina oleh anjing yahudi. Kegemilangan Islam seperti zaman Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi tidak akan tercapai. Renung2kanlah wahai remaja sekalian.....janganlah kita terlalu memuja budaya barat. Gunalah akal yang dikurniakan Allah untuk membezakan yang mana baik dan buruk. Yang baik dijadikan teladan, yang buruk dijadikan sempadan.

Sayangilah setiap insan yang muncul dalam hidupmu

This is a story about love.....we have met a different type of guy/lady in our life, so many of them. But, how do we know dat which is the most suitable for us....the most ideal??? This is the question dat mainly appeared.

Pada suatu hari di sekolah,seorang murid bertanya kepada gurunya. Ketika itu guru tersebut sedang mengajar mengenai kasih sayang.

Pelajar : cikgu,macam mana kita nak pilih seseorang yang terbaik sebagai orang yang paling kita sayang?Macam mana juga kasih sayang itu nak berkekalan?

Cikgu : ok,kamu ikut apa yang saya suruh.Kamu pergi ke padang.Kamu berjalan di atas rumput sambil memandang rumput di depan kamu.Pilih yang paling cantik tanpa menoleh ke belakang lagi walau sekali.Da petik rumput yang paling cantik,bawa ke kelas.

Apabila pelajar tersebut pulang ke kelas,tiada sehelai rumput pun di tangannya.Cikgu bertanya,kenapa tiada rumput yang di pilih?

Pelajar : tadi masa saya berjalan,saya carilah rumput yang paling cantik.Memang ada banyak yang cantik,tapi cikgu kata petik yang paling cantik,maka saya pun terus jalan ke depan sambil mencari yang paling cantik tanpa menoleh ke belakang lagi,Tapi sampai di penhujng padang,saya tak jumpa pun yang paling cantik.Mungkin ada di antara yang belakang saya tadi rumput yang paling cantik tapi da cikgu cakap tak boleh menoleh ke belakang semula,jadi tiadalah rumput yang boleh saya petik.

Cikgu : ya itulah jawapannya.Maknanya,apabila kita telah berjumpa dengan seseorang yang kita sayang,janganlah kita mencari yang lebih baik dari itu.Kita patut hargai orang yang di depan kita sebaik2nya.Jangan kita menoleh ke belakng lagi kerana yang berlaku tetap berlaku.Semoga yang berlalu tidak berulang lagi.Dan ingatlah orang yang paling kita sayang itulah yang paling cantik dan paling baik.Maupun nak ikutkan banyak lagi yang cantik dan baik seperti rumput tadi..

Jika kamu bertemu dengan insan yang membawa kebaikan kepada dirimu, menyayangimu, mengasihimu, jangan berlengah. Terimalah dia dengan seadanya. Seandainya kamu membandingkannya dengan orang lain kerana mencari kesempurnaan, kelak kamu akan menyesal kehilangannya. Tiada manusia yang sempurna....setiap insan pasti ada kelemahannya.

Oct 17, 2009

Kematian....suatu kepastian


Sempena dengan tajuk di atas...memang berkaitan kematian. Sebelum bicara dimulakan, diharap para pembaca dpt menyedekahkan Al-Fatihah kepada arwah Teacher Marlina. She is one of my English teacher during my 3 months IJELP (Intesive Japanese English Language Programme) under YPM. So, to all IJELP students, please pray for her. Semoga roh dia diberkati dan dicucuri rahmatNya. x kisahla kenal atau x, tp sebagai muslim, umat islam yang katanya berpegang teguh pada ajaran Allah.....kita semua adalah bersaudara. Saudara islam. Jadi, sebelum melanjutkan cerita.....Al-Fatihah

Berita ini aku trima daripada Shirin Sensei pada ari Khamis, 16/10/09 during English class. Punca kematian Teacher Marlina masih menjadi tanda tanya. Beliau telah menyambut seruan Illahi pada bulan Syawal (xtau tarikh tepatnya bila) semasa bersiar-siar di The Curve. Suddenly, she collapsed and disahkan meninggal dunia. Beliau tidak mengalami sebarang penyakit kronik such as, high blood, heart attack & so on. This is all from what Shirin Sensei told us (my classmate during English lesson)

This is da picture of her with all of my classmate during IJELP....tanpa disangka, itulah saat terakhir kami berjumpa dengannya. Thank you teacher for your good deed & for the cake too.

Inilah takdir...ketentuan Illahi yang telah ditetapkan oleh Allah. Ajal maut, semua di tangan Tuhan. Tiada sesiapa yang mampu mengetahui bila tarikh diri ini akan kembali ke pangkuan Illahi. Juga tiada siapa yang mampu untuk melewatkan atau mengawalkan tarikh kematian dirinya walaupun sedetik, sesaat apatah lagi untuk seminit atau sehari. Tidak sesekali akan berlaku. Jika telah tercatat qada' dan qadar kita akan meninggal dunia pada ??/??/??, ??:??am/pm.....itulah masanya.

Jadi, bersedialah setiap masa bagi menghadapi saat kematian. Janganlah kita mati di saat hati terniat untuk melakukan kejahatan....Nauzubillah. Biarlah kita pergi dengan cara yang sebaik mungkin. Insya Allah

"Kelahiran manusia disambut dengan azan,
kematian manusia diiringi dengan solat,
jarak antara azan dengan solat....itulah kehidupan duniawi,
sungguh singkat hidup ini"
Jadi, renung-renungkanlah.....sekian saja untuk post kali ni, wassalam.

Oct 13, 2009

Syawal Belum Berakhir

Salam kepada pembaca,

Kami beraya lagi....(Abu not in da pic, he's da photographer).

Di kala aku sedang menaip post ni....1 keje pun x buat lagi. 宿題まだ終わらない、明日の漢字のクイズも まだ復習しない。Lepak je aku. Ni pun baru je bgn tido. 体がつかれたから、今は起きたばかりだ。So, skng ni sbenarnya aku nak cite psl jamuan raya UNISEL Shah Alam.

Jamuannya diadakan pada 12/10/09 kt MPH Hall, Unisel. Asal2 cam ramai gk la dak JAD yg nk pegi (esp. dak kelas X)....sebab kitorng rmai2 diajak oleh 'awek-awek' Unisel utk join majlis 2. Disebabkn dpt mkan free, aku & rakan2ku x menolak la rezeki yg datng. Terus daftr & amik tiket. でも、waktu hari diadakan jamuan 2 je....ramai plak dak2 xnak pegi. Reason sbb nk study kimia sbb esknya ada test. すばらしいですね、テストがあるから、いつでもひまな時に いっしょうけんめい勉強したい。Tp, bg aku....mkn lagi penting. Kalo x mkn, xde energy, pastu xleh study. So, aku tetap decide nk g gak jamuan Unisel 2. Haha

7.30 mlmnye...Cik Tahir pun smpai. Ntah bape orng jela yg pegi agknya. So, in total ada 11 orng. 8 orng dak kls X (yg nk akan amik kuiz kimia esknya!), 1 orng dak kls Y (juga akan amik kuiz kimia esknya!) & 2 orng dak kls Z (xde pape pun esknya tp ntah nape ntah diorng xnk pegi). 全員は男の学生。女の学生がいない。

Perjalanan kami pun bermula dengan sorakan SATE-SATE di dalam bas.

Ni semua sebab Mat la yg hebahkn...kononnya ada sate kt Unisel. So, semua cam mengidam la nk mkn. Dh terbayang2 dah ada beribu2 sate yg terhidang nanti.

Sampai je kt Unisel....agk terasa janggal gk la. Kitorng just minoriti je kt situ. Tgk orng lain, sume bertegur sape sesama sndiri. Disebabkn perasaan segan yg menebal...kami pun mendiamkan diri je la. Just hangout among us. Tapi dewan dia agk lawa la dihias.


Psl mkn lak, memang HAMPEH. Stakat Nasi beriani, & ada la pencuci mulut iaitu agar-agar. Sate hanyalah angan-angan yg tidak kesampaian. Dhla bagi pinggan kecik...memang cam xnak bg orng makan je. Pttla free.

Apa2 syukur Alhamdulillah dpt mkn. Huhu. Aku & Ayami dpt la mkn 2 pinggan. Sbb time bratur 2, kitorng trs amik 2 nk kene bratur kali kedua. Sumpah ramai giler orng. Bratur sume nk shape cam ular je....memang la lagi panjng. Time bratur 2, tgk kaunter makanan just kt dpn 2 line dia rupanya ada 2 kali U-turn. Berpusing2 cam ular. 大変、大変。

After mkn je, basuh tangan sume....aku msk balik ke MPH Hall. とつぜん、diorang(dak JAD) ni suruh aku brdiri je. Agk blank gk....xpela. Diri jela dl. Then, ada sorang 女性(gadis ajk jamuan 2) bagi aku sampul surat. Apa ni???? Persoalan demi persoalan menerjah fikiranku. Buka je smpul surat 2, ada cash voucher RM50. Wow, rezeki la. My lucky day kot. Rupa2nya diorng wt cam giving present ceremony but under certain condition. Time aku 2 rupa2nya diorang tanya sape yg pakai spek & pakai, mmg rezeki la aku dpt voucher 2.

In the end, hbs je sume....& when kitorng pn rasa it's time to go back, kitorng pn blk la. Ramai gk la yg men'condemned' majlis 2. "Dahla xde SATE, makan pun sepinggan kecik je, x kenyang lak tu, konsert suara x sedap." Haha...memang kaw2 nye la diorng komen. Aku kurang skit la. Sbb aku blh kata puas hati gk la. Dpt mkn 2 pinggan, pastu dpt cash voucher lak 2. Syukur Alhamdulillah. So, 2 je la kot aku rasa coretan psl jamuan Aidilfitri Unisel ni. In the end, still x dpt rasa sate. Sume kempunan je. Haha.

Ayami...palng bersemangat. Siap ngan samping & berkasut.

Oct 3, 2009


Salam. おはいよう、

Hari ni hari last aku cuti....3 Okt 2009, 11.22pm. Berada di dpn laptop utk update blog ni+kemas barng nk blk. Argh, esk dh balik tbp smula. Aku tidak pasti. Adakah aku sudah bersedia utk menghadapi semester 2 di JAD ni??? Almaklumlah, cuti panjang 2 minggu ni (JAD mmg kedekut cuti skit) mana ada aku revise or buat 復習. Tp, there's still a good news which is aku siapkan homewrk (宿題) aku except for subjek fizik (物理). Mana taknya, kne tulis formula....ごめんね先生、公式をまだおぼえません。Formula aku x igt, blk tbp nanti jela buat. Bukan senang tau nk siapkn homewrk kt umah...dugaannya besar btl. Skit2 tgk katil, tgk tv, tgk laptop, tgk game....banyak betul dugaan duniawi ni bila tengah berjuang.

Now, for today....aku sedang cuba bermuhasabah diri, mencari semangat untuk belajar. Nak cuba kembalikan semangat untuk mengharungi hidup yang penuh keletihan=kelas pukul 7.50 pg-5.00 everyday. Aku ulang.....EVERYDAY on weekdays. Kadang2 rasa cam impossible (無理) plak, life aku time cuti pelik skit. Tido after subuh n bangun time azan zohor...haha.

Anyway, crita psl nk kembalikan semangat.....tiba2 aku teringat plak kenangan time kt Wisma Belia dl. I remembered my 2 english teacher yg btl2 gave us inspiration. Mr. Daniel or we called him as Mr. D & Mr. Saiful. I missed da word "Gd morning young engineer-to-be" as both of them usually said dat once entering da class. Mungkin ini tidak mendatangkn kesan 4 first, I also didn't realised anything. But, lama-kelamaan it was sum kind of inspirational word utk lebih bersemangat bersaing sesama kami. Maklumlah, 3 bulan di Wisma Belia bertujuan utk memudahkan pihak YPM men-shortlisted kn student yg akan benar2 masuk ke JAD. So, we have to fight amongst ourselves. Another word dat i can't forget is :

"if u want to be an engineer,
be a young, damn, bloody good engineer."

Wow, it's too hyperbola...but, dat's da reality. Zaman skang ni, orng berilmu dh ramai. Yg graduate je berlambak ada.....ada yg smpai diploma & ada gk yg dah ada degree. Tapi hakikatnya, ada juga yang tamatkan pelajaran dengan menganggur. x dpt2 lagi keje. Kn kesian 2, pnt2 blaja kalo menganggur buat pe. So, dat's da point from his word. Be a young, damn, bloody good engineer. Insya Allah...

秋の学生と Mr. D.....remember. Be a young, damn, bloody good engineer.

with Mr. Saiful, Shirin 先生 beloved husband.

Dhla kot smpai's my time 2 watch football. Man Utd vs Sunderland. じゃ、また後で新しいポストね。さようなら。Thanx for reading.

Oct 2, 2009

A little quote....

Ehm....dah nak akhir2 cuti ni, aku kebosanan plak. Membe2 mmg sume dh balik U la. Sbb mmg standard cuti 1 weeks je, JAD ni je cuti lebih. 2 weeks plak.

So, dalam kebosanan aku tgh duduk kat umah...aku pun belek2 la mag lama yg ada kat umah. Drpd mag yg aku lyn giler2 zaman skola dl (x pernah miss 1 epsde) ; Utopia & Hype, mag kete seperti Get@Car n last2 belek la mag skola aku. Smbil2 belek mag skola, kenangan lama hadir plak dlm diri. Aku baca mag skola aku thn 2004 nye (my 1st year in SDAR).....

front view

What dat attract me in dis mag is maxim of da fivers. Fivers warisan 00'4 (F5 aku)....

So, dis is a little of their maxim :

I'm nobody. Nobody is perfect. Therefore I'm perfect!

Mankind are same as cloud. They can be dark unexpectedly while they are shining.

Scorned by many, understood by few are the parts of REVOLUTIONARY.
(I don't understand bout dis).

Knowledge & friends ; the more you share, the more you get.

Never fail to plan or you will plan to fail.

Saya tidak semestinya menjadi yang terbaik tetapi apa saja saya lakukan, saya lakukan dengan sebaik mungkin.

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Jgn salahkan perpisahan, salahkan pertemuan, kerana pertemuan adalah punca perpisahan.

Laughter is the best medicine. So, don't go to clinic, and have fun doing ur work.

Nice to see, nice to hold, once broken, leave it ALONE.

The strongest man is not a wrestler, the strongest man is someone who can control over his anger.

Quitter never win, and winner never quit, but those who never quit AND never win are idiots.

Today's preparation determines tomorrow's achievement.

Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you. Never put off till tomorrow what may be done today. (nice word from my English Teacher, Sir Nordin).

Sekali anda mendabik dada atas kejayaan anda, nescaya anda akan jatuh rebah! (jangan riak).

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. (ni cilok ayat George Santayana, the life of reason.)

Diligence is a virtue. Procrastination is a weakness. Somehow both can get along well.

Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.

Kepahitan hidup di dunia adalah kemanisan hidup di akhirat, manakala kemanisan hidup di dunia adalah kepahitan hidup di akhirat. Manakah yang menjadi pilihan?

Aku rasa cukup je kot maxim utk skang ni....aku pn dh penat menyalin. In a nutshell, when we down or feel like there's no hope to live....think again. Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Mengetahui dan ingatlah bahawa Allah tidak kejam, Allah tidak akan menguji hambaNya melainkan hambaNya mampu untuk menghadapi ujian/dugaan tersebut. Dugaan yang menimpa kita pasti ada jalan penyelesaiannya. Sebelum undur bicara, sedikit lagi kata-kata semangat yang boleh menaikkan semangat jika kita pernah gagal atau sedang menghadapi kegagalan.

"He who NEVER made a mistake, NEVER made a discovery." - Samuel Smiles

back view....

Oct 1, 2009

Renungan sejenak.....fikir2kan lah.

Salam Lebaran,

Bayangkan apabila Rasulullah tiba-tiba muncul mengetuk pintu rumah kita...Baginda datang dengan tersenyum dan muka bersih di muka pintu rumah kita...Apakah yang akan kita lakukan? Mestinya kita akan sangat bahagia, memeluk baginda erat-erat dan lantas mempersilakan baginda masuk ke ruang tamu rumah kita...Kemudiannya kita tentu akan meminta dengan penuh harapan agar Rasulullah sudi menginap beberapa hari di rumah kita. Baginda tersenyum.....Tapi,

Tapi barangkali kita meminta pula Rasulullah menunggu sebentar di depan pintu kerana kita teringatkan cd lucah yang memenuhi ruang tamu dan kita tergesa-gesa memindahkannya ke dalam. Baginda tetap akan tersenyum...atau barangkali kita teringat akan lukisan yang tidak senonoh yang juga dipasang di ruang tamu, sehingga terpaksa juga memindahkannya ke belakang secara tergesa-gesa. Barangkali kita akan memindahkan lafaz Allah dan Muhammad yang mungkin sudah berhabuk ke ruang tamu, juga secara tergesa-gesa. Baginda tentu tersenyum...Bagaimana pula jika Rasulullah bersedia menginap di rumah kita? Barangkali kita teringat bahawa anak-anak kita lebih menghafal lagu-lagu barat berbanding selawat kepada Rasulullah. Barangkali kita menjadi malu bahawa anak-anak kita tidak mengetahui sedikit pun sejarah silam Rasulullah dek kerana kelalaian kita mendidik mereka. Baginda tetap tersenyum...Barangkali kita menjadi malu apabila anak-anak kita tidak mengetahui satu pun nama keluarga Rasulullah dan sahabatnya, tetapi menghafal nama-nama Ultraman dan kura-kura ninja. Barangkali kita juga terpaksa menukar satu ruang teater yang terdapat di rumah kepada ruang solat. Barangkali kita teringat wanita di rumah kita tidak memiliki koleksi pakaian menutup aurat untuk berhadapan dengan Rasulullah. Baginda masih lagi tersenyum...Belum lagi koleksi buku-buku kita dan anak-anak kita. Belum lagi koleksi VCD dan DVD kita. Kemana harus kita singkirkan koleksi-koleksi tersebut? Saat inilah kita mencari Al-Quran dan buku-buku agama untuk dipamerkan. Barangkali kita menjadi malu diketahui junjungan kita bahawa kita tidak pernah pergi ke masjid meskipun azan sudah berkumandang. Baginda tetap tersenyum...Barangkali kita menjadi malu kerana pada saat Maghrib keluarga kita masih lagi berada di depan tv. Barangkali kita menjadi malu kerana kita menghabiskan hampir kesemua waktu untuk mencari kesenangan duniawi. Barangkali kita menjadi malu kerana keluarga kita tidak pernah mendirikan solat sunat. Barangkali kita menjadi malu kerana keluarga kita jarang membaca Al-Quran. Barangkali kita juga menjadi malu kerana tidak mengenal tetangga-tetangga kita. Baginda masih tersenyum...Barangkali kita menjadi malu jika Rasulullah bertanya tentang nama Tok Imam di kampung kita. Apatah lagi jika Rasulullah bertanya tentang nama dan alamat tukang penjaga masjid di kampung kita, pasti kita berasa malu. Betapa senyum baginda masih lagi di situ...

Bayangkan apabila Rasulullah benar-benar muncul di muka pintu rumah kita...Apa yang akan kita lakukan? Masihkah kita memeluk junjungan kita dan mempersilakan baginda masuk dan menginap di rumah kita? Atau, akhirnya kita dengan berat hati akan menolak baginda berkunjung ke rumah kerana hal itu akan membuatkan kita kalut dan malu. Maafkan kami ya Rasulullah...Masihkah baginda tersenyum? Senyum pilu, senyum sedih dan senyum getir...Oh! Betapa memalukan kehidupan kita di saat ini di mata Rasulullah. Maafkan kami ya Rasulullah.

Adakah ini yang ingin kita tunjuk pada Rasulullah? Kemajuan masa kini yang disalahguna...
'keseronokan' di hujung jari anda.

Inikah contoh teladan remaja masa kini? Yang akan digelar pemimpin negara masa hadapan?

Sep 23, 2009

ラヤの経験 (Memory of Aidilfitri 1430H)

Salam Lebaran,

Kampungku di Johor Bahru
Tanpa disangka, dah nak masuk Raya ke-4 dah ni. Time flew so fast. Teringat balik suasana tika malam Aidilfitri. Duk dpn tv satu family, tunggu pengumuman raya.....nak wat cnfirmation skit. Then, on 1st Syawal 1430H, lps solat sunat raya, went to my father's village(dekat je, it's still in JB). As usual, berkumpul, salam2 sume....then lepak2 with my cousin until after zohor. Quite ramai la eventhough not all of my father's sibling blk kampung coz my father nye sibling sume ada 12, yg ada kt kg just 4 of them je. Ok la 2. Da best thing was my grandfather cooked harisah(am i spelled it right?)-a type of an arabic food, daging kambing 2 dimasak cmne ntah n makan dengan madu. My favourite food in an arabic category. So, I ate it a lot....lbh kurang dlm 2 pinggan gk la.

Kampungku di Batu Pahat
Then, after asar....bertolak to Batu Pahat plak(kampung sbelah umi plak). Arrived there around maghrib at 7.15 kot. Then, after maghrib je....ada tetamu plak dtg. Penat2 badan bw kete (prasan je bw kete, br lesen L) pun x hilang lg. So, lyn je la ntah sape yg dtg 2....sedara jauh, so x bape knl sgt la. Org2 tua knl la...huhu.

View of my village in BP, at Jalan Masjid.

There was sumthing dat quite funny happened dis year.....tgh2 sibuk melayn tetamu, suddenly my cousin skt perut. Dia memang tgh berbadan 3 (dktr ckp anak kembar dlm perut) tarikh baby 2 tgk dunia dijangka 18/10/09. So, it's quite a long time. Tp, ntah cmne lak her stomach mmg skt sgt. Sakit yg ala-ala nk bersalin. Mungkin baby tu nk sambut Syawal skali kot. Mana nk cari klinik 1st day raya ni.....mstila tutp. Even Cina & India pun nk raya gk. Kata 1 Malaysia.

Sume dah risau....xkan la nk letak alamat rumah kt ruangan P.O.B (place of birth) kt surat branak baby yg akan lahir ni. Lgpun, mana nk cari bidan kt bandar Batu Pahat yg maju ni? (act, my village located in Batu Pahat City Centre, just near Dataran BP). So, pegila konvoi 2 kete emergency.....1 kete jd tour guide, cr hospital & another car is 4 da patient & her family. Tetamu yg dtg td pun blk dengan serta-merta (xnak terlibat la 2). Huhu....1st day raya je dah mcm2 ragam.

2nd day raya, nuthing unusual happened.....sume cam biasa je. With my cousin family duk hospital, lengang la skit kg ni. 2 yg aku penat skit time raya ke-2 ni. Rmai la plak yg dtg berkunjung ke rumah nenek aku ni. Feymes gk nenek aku ni sekitar BP, hehe. Bayangknlah, dari pg sampai dh nk maghrib....x henti2 rumah dikunjungi tetamu. Yg lebih memenatkn, skali dtg bukannya 1 kete...konvoi rmai2 smpai 3,4 biji kete. Ya Allah, memang bulan Syawal untuk mengeratkan hubungan persaudaraan. Terpaksalah aku pn bekerja keras membantu untuk isikan kuih & biskut2 raya, sediakn mkanan, agkt air (sbb x ramai sgt yg ada kt kg). My sister plak dh mrajuk coz she tired of washing all those dirty plates & cups. Brape trip ntah dia buat basuh pinggan & cawan sume....haha. Pity her.

3rd day Raya, it's my time plak nk beraya umah orang. I forced my mum to pg umah orang lak....coz it's quite boring if just stayed at home je (act, nk elakkn diri drpd kene lyn tetamu,hehe). So, pegi la ramai2 beraya to umah my relatives who stayed in BP.

"Sorry, our house closed for one at home." Should i post dat in front of our house?

Around 6 in the evening, we're back. Pnt gak la pegi beraya ni tp perut kenyang la....mcm2 makanan dah terisi. So, my family & I pun stat la packing barang coz we decided to go back to JB rite after Maghrib prayer. Tgh2 pack, dengar lak orng bg salam.

"Assalamualaikum, ada orang x?"
"Wa'alaikummusalam, xde orang la." I wanted to answer like dat tp x buat la. ぼくはいい人からです。

Mmg la, umah nenek aku ni msti ada je orang nk ziarah....memang sah nenek aku feymes. So, layan la tetamu terakhir ni coz afta dis we gonna make our move back to JB. Hbs2 tu sume....around 8.30 gk br bertolak balik.

After all, dat's my experienced during 1st,2nd, & 3rd day of Aidilfitri 1430H. Seriously, thn ni quite hambar....dunno why but maybe bcoz not everyone gather together. Or maybe my age effect this? Kalo makin tua, raya mkn bosan....btl ke? After all, it's still Raya, let celebrate it.

この時には、ハリラヤの月から....ぼくは、もう一回Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir Batinと言うです。

My fav port.....sejuk giler waktu mlm & pns giler time siang esp tgh hari.

The pic above shows my fav port at my kg in BP.....kami (with my other cousin) org2 bujang ske la lpk sama2 kt situ. Mlm sejuk & siang knfm pns giler. Tido lwt & bgn je dah peluh2 badan.....mana xnya, bgn dah tgh hari. Knfm2 la tmpt tu tgh panas membara. Haha...sronok2.

So, aku rasa cukup kot post aku untuk pengalamn spanjng 3 hari bulan Syawal ni.....sori coz x dpt byk gmba. Esp gmba while beraya & gmba makanan 'harisah' 2. But, if u're interested in dat case u want to know more bout it, just ask me. Maybe I can describe more detail bout it but please dun ask me how to make it. Seriusly, I dunno....

Sekian, wassalam & thanx for reading.

Sep 20, 2009

Bulan keberkatan telah meninggalkan kita.....Syawal telah kembali.


Imam Syafi'e pernah bertanya kepada anak buahnya, "Apakah benda yang paling dekat dengan kita?" Pelbagai jawapan yang dikeluarkan oleh anak buahnya seperti rumah saya, pensel di tangan saya dan sebagainya. Imam Syafi'e menjawb, "semua itu benar tetapi yang paling tepat ialah kematian." Soalan kedua diajukan, "Apakah pula benda yang paling jauh dengan kita?" Seperti tadi, pelbagai jawapan diterima seperti Kuching, Yugoslavia dan Papua New Guinea. Imam Syafi'e menjawab,"semua itu benar tetapi yang paling tepat ialah masa lalu."

Sungguh mendalam jawapan yang diberikan oleh Muhammad bin Idris as-Syafi‘e tersebut. Tetapi, itulah kebenarannya. Kini, di saat saya sedng menulis blog ini....sudah 1 syawal 1430H. Tanpa disangka, 30 hari Ramadhan telah berlalu begitu saja. Itulah benda yang paling jauh. Masa lalu. Sudah pasti, kita tidak dapat untuk kembali pada tarikh 1 Ramadhan 1430H. Jadi, berharaplah kepada Allah supaya segala amal yang kita lakukan sepanjang bulan Ramadhan diterimaNya. Bulan yang penuh keberkatan telah pergi dan kini Syawal penggantinya. Semakin hari, semakin meningkat usia kita. Kita tidak tahu berapa lama lagi roh kita akan kekal setia bersama jasad yang ada sekarang. Suatu hari, roh kita akan kembali kepada Yang Maha Pencipta. Itulah kematian, benda yang paling hampir dengan kita. Dalam kehidupan seharian, masa berlalu begitu pantas.......

Jadi, beramal lah dengan penuh ikhlas kerana kita tidak tahu bila agaknya Allah akan menjemput kita semula. Dalam kita menyambut kemeriahan Syawal, hari kemenangan setelah sebulan berpuasa....janganlah kita lupa pada saudara2 seagama kita yang kurang bernasib baik, janganlah kita terlalu asyik dengan keseronokan duniawi.

Salam Lebaran,

Selamat Menyambut Aidilfitri
Maaf Zahir & Batin

Sep 19, 2009

Special Weekは終わった、Rayaの休み始まるぞ!


Act, I wanted to post bout dis quite a few days ago but under certain circumstances, got to postponed it. Now do I have time to post about our Matrix Special Week programme. Basically, we're so enjoyed during our special week. Mana taknya, kelas skit je....banyak masa free. It was totally different from our previous semester 1. Most of us didn't have any problem to go out having break fast outside or just having fun at mid valley or anywhere. Even on weekdays, we still can spent our time outside.

For our Science class, we learnt to translate word. Yeah, during semester 1...we still learn all da science subject in english(化学、物理と数学) but in our semester 2, we gonna learn all dat in 日本語。大変そうね!Maybe there's nothing much i have to say bout dis science class coz there's no a special activity dat we done.

So, for da japanese class...there is still a learning class. But, it was divided into 3 classes(if I'm not mistaken). It were 文法(grammar workshop)、漢字(kanji workshop)、聴解と会話(kelas perbualan, english dia lupa la). Each of us just have to attnd 1 class....I chose 聴解と会話 coz I love to try to speak in japanese. Plus, it was da easiest class(no 問題、no 宿題-memang sempoi). More excitingly, we've done an activity dat is related to japanese culture(日本の文化). Such as 書道(something like writing kanji by using a japanese brush)
(a card game dat related to classic poem).

Here a little pictures dat was caught during our japanese culture programme. Start from 書道

Me(in my serious mood) was writing kanji. がんばれ

Ciko, me & Adam 白い.

Me with まつうら先生 and a '結婚' kanji. xde makna pape pun, saja je 2.

Dat's was a picture during 書道 activity. 楽しかったですね coz dat was our first experience in life. 次に、けんだまとおり紙のプルグラム。

なんだこれ.....susah gkla try main game ni!

Gaya cam hebat...pegng bola je, dh cam main yo-yo plak.

Slip keputusan けんだま。一級と初段 まだ合格しません。 ちょっと残念。Susah gk syial....huhu

最後に、百人一首カルタのゲーム。How to play dis game? There were a bunch of card (mmg banyk giler) and just letak je merata. But, for my group, we were quite creative at dat time. So, we decorate it....arrange it in a shape of circle, quite nice. Huhu

ああ、きれいですね。だれのグルプですか?Ueda Sensei bertanya...

Dh2, xnak riak.....x baik. Back to the game. So, before starting each turn, we must hear(a poem maybe) from da radio and pay a full attention to the last sentences and search for it. Sape yg dpt jumpa kad yg betul, he can keep it. At da end of da game, who got the most number of card win. アブブブヅル ハイズさんは ぜったいかちませんでした。Sorry hafiz, we were all joking. Nk rapatkn hubungan la katakan. Huhu.

Struggling to search for da card....

Now, Special week is over & dat was our 1st & last special week coz afta dis there was no special week for us. It is called short sem or famously known as 'Short Intensive Week.' Quite scary all da time. Argh, dis is JAD's life. In a nutshell, I enjoyed dis special week coz of it relaxity (jadual pun x pack sgt) & there was an activity other than studying.
先生たちは ありがとうね。

Now, it's holiday....raya holiday. So, wanna take dis opportunity to wish all of da muslim out there :

Selamat Menyambut Aidilfitri
Maaf Zahir & Batin

So, with dat.....wassalam & thanx for reading.

Sep 13, 2009

Shopping sakan

Salam 2 all readers,

12/09/09- as dis is our last weeknd before going to our hometown to celebrate Aidilfitri with our own beloved family. So, all of JAD student took dis opportunity to go shopping 'baju raya' or anything else 'barang keperluan raya.' Almaklumlah, dah menjadi tradisi, bila nak Aidilftri je....semua orang mesti pikirkan baju baru, kasut baru, seluar baru. 2 make it simple, everything's new.....jgn kekasih baru sudah! Haha

So, I don't want to miss dis chance to join most of JAD student went to shopping. At first, my plan was with Syamil, Mat & Amir Izzudin. Then, on the scheduled day, Amir Izzudin overslept. He slept until 4 in the evening. What in the world!!! 朝ねぼう betul la. No wonder Syamil & I knocked on his house door, but no one answered. So, mat pun bring la another person to join us which were Afiq & Aqmal. So, there were 5 of us in total.

Let's move on guys....our 1st place of destination was TS, I've planned with Jay to meet him there. From TS, we gonna move to Mid Valley before buka puasa. We want to break fast at mid valley & shops there for a while. So, we make a move to times square. I thought dat they wanted to take KTM directly to KL Central & took monorail to TS coz dat was da usual way for me to move sumwhere. Then, Mat spoke out his opinion to take a bus coz he said, "Bas lagi senang la, dia berhenti stret dpn stesen monorel KL sntral." Aqmal plak support je. Ok2, I gave-up....I dun want to be selfish by just follow my idea. We took 'suara majority.' By bus.

Yeah rite....bas sng nk dapat. Where is it? Dah dalam 15 minit tunggu, not even a single bus caught our sight. So, we moved on to next place. Katanya, bwh fly-over 2 bas byk. Ok2, suara majority menang. We walked a little bit by the side of da road, the main road in front of TBP, & a little bit of jungle trekking adventure (dah cam mat bangla pun ada gak). Waited there at around another 15 minutes. Okla, dpt gk naik bas. Lega skit rasanya.

2.30 pm, dat was da time we got on da bus. Perjalanan bermula.
3 pm, masih x nmpak lg bangunan KL Sntral. Sabar je dl.
3.30 pm, still x nmpk gk bangunan KL Sntral. Kesabaran dah makin hilang.

Mana taknya, dah la kt KL baru lepas hujan lebat. So, there were a certain place dat flooded. To make it even worse, the traffic jam(did I spell it correct?). Arghh, dis is KL. The City of Jam. Memang malang betul took us so long just to reach KL Central. 'Suara majority' kadang2 tidak menguntungkan. So, gotta change our plan due to late arrival at destination. So, terpaksa gadaikan TS (sori Jay).....& we gonna move to Mid Valley rite away.

4.15 pm, reached KL Central. Alhamdulillah...

Mid Valley, here we are. Lets' rock da world (apa kaitannya?). Just took a survey most of da item. Nak pastikan which 1 is da best. So, we all just did a window shopping. 'Masuk kedai, tgk2, tanya harga, bajet pk, pastu blah.' Haha....pity to da shop worker.

6.00 pm, got to be ready for break fast. Although it seems quite early, but most of da restaurant is flooding with muslim. Sume nk reserve untuk buka puasa. Without my knowledge, Mat & Aqmal have decided to break fast with their skulmate. So, just 3 of us now. Then, Syamil join da club. Dia pn nk brbuka ngan member skola dia. Damn.....aku nk buka ktne ni???

Luckily, I met with my Warisan-mate. 1st, Gamat(UIA) & Bagak(gonna quit UIA, wanna enter MIAT). Just have a short chit-chat and blah. They wanted to go back home. 2ndly, met with UM student; Kastam, Zairull, & Bocor. Have a break fast with them. I invited Afiq to join me & my friend for break fast but he denied softly.....saying dat he will join Bikai. Owh, ok then....nvr mind. "Nanti jumpa blk afta buka tau." Selamat Berbuka Puasa.

Now, just me & da other 3 of my warisan-mate(now a PASUM students). Sume dah ikut haluan masing2. Now, let's search for a place to break fast. It's really like impossible. 無理でしょう! Mana taknya, sume restoran dlm mid-valley 2 dh full. There's also a sign state dat 'Fully reserved for today break fast.' Quite frustrating dat time....xkan la nak makan kt kaki lima Mid-Valley plak (an experienced I gained before was at Giant Shah Alam twice).

Luckily, my fren Zairull remembered dat there was a mamak restaurant dat served nasi kandar outside Mid Valley, need a few steps to reach there. Alhamdulillah, Allah kasihan akan hambanya. So, we went to da mamak restaurant. Afta turn right-turn left-go stret-roundabout-flyover.....smpai pun kt tmpatnye. Nsb bek ada lagi seat kosng. Plus, there was no sign dat said fully reserved. Lega rasanya, x perlu la nk mkn merempat. Still, da price there quite expensive....nasi kandar dat I ate was RM9.00 and a RM2.50 Neslo Ais. wtf......cilakak mahal.

Afta break fast, maghrib prayer, I met again with the other 4 of us(at da 1s place we go out together). So, I said good bye to my warisan-mate & I joined again with Mat, Aqmal, Syamil and Afiq. Now, it's time to spend our money. Setelah survey td, dh mark la mana kedai yang nk pergi. Senang skit nk beli barng. We went to ROMP, RadioActive, Metrojaya. Almost most of us bought sumthing except for Aqmal. ざんねんですよ。He wanted to buy ROMP shirt but there's no suitable size for him.

As for me, I have quite a frustrating time. Have a misunderstanding with her. But, maybe dat problem has settled.....hope she will be ok. Sori Elina, I trust U k.

9.45 pm.....time to go back to TBP. つかれた....everyone seems tired.


My life starts at 11.

Another new plan just started....let's go to Uptown. Work out with my plan, searching for supporter. Da one dat already confirm were Syamil, Mat, Aqmal & Amir Izzudin. Then, Pian & his member, Abra (SAJOHA) joined us. Total= 6 jejaka. We went to Uptown at 2 in da morning. Selamat Pagi Uptown. Haha...memang balas dendam betul. Almaklumlah, lama betul aku x kuar berjalan. Asyik ada hal je.

Ada la skit2 barang yang dibeli. Syamil & Mat with their jeans and da others with a pair of shirt. Biasala, preparation for raya. アイヂフィツリのじゅんび。

Then, afta tired of shopping....we took our sahur there. Sng skit, blk umah nanti xyah pk nk makan apa.

Mat not in dis picture (coz he was da photographer).
Yeah, during sahur at uptown Shah Alam

4.30 am- そろそろしつれいします。Time to leave.....sumpah penat giler skang. Alhamdulillah ada je rezeki Allah. Dapat pegi Mid-Valley, pastu dapat plak pegi uptown.

Sekian, wassalam.....thanx for reading.