Dec 30, 2009

There's an outsider in my house!!!

Salam, it's quite a long time since i update dis blog. So, dis time I wanna post about my tiring but enjoyable weekend which was on 26th of December 2009.

Act, wut i mean about "da outsider" was a tourist in fact. It was unplanned decision when suddenly i knew dat both of da japanese exchange student went to Faizul house in Kota Tinggi. Then, Faizul text me & let out an idea about hanging around at Jusco Tebrau City, Metropolitan City of Johor Bahru. :) I took dis opportunity to take both of da japanese student to my house or maybe have a 1 nite stay since my parent & lil sister were very enthusiasm to see them.

Nk dipendekkan last, "there's an outsider in my house." Haha. 2 la topik for dis post. I brought 3 of my fren home. Faizul Salihin and both of da japanese student, Shuhei & Sachio were their given name. Seriously, it was a very tiring weeknd since all of da time was full with travelling. Pg sana sini berjalan. Maklumlah, bw pelancong asing blk umah...excited la nk tunjuk apa2 yg mengagungkan Johor Bahru ni sekaligus menaikkan nama M'sia.

Full detail of da story on 26th of December 2009....i met with Faizul, Nizam, Ban, and both of da Japanese at Jusco Tebrau City aroun 1 pm. I wake up as early 10.30am. It's unusual for me. After having a movie (Alvin & da Chipmunks 2), mkn2 & a little 散歩する(jalan2, window shoppng) until it was around 6.30pm. So, it's time to go back home & we said good bye to Nizam & Ban since they were going back to their respective houses.

B4 i move on, better introduce both of them 1st.

Sachio, me, & Shuhei

After maghrib...we went out to Daiman Bowl at Johor Jaya. It was Sachio request since he's very keen to play bowling dat day. Maybe he wanted to test on how the greatness da bowling arena in JB. Dat day....a miracle in my life, 1st time in my life i saw my granny step her foot inside bowling arena. Haha...maybe sbb excited ngan tourist overseas ni, ikut jela brjalan. So, we played bowling for 2 sets. "No wonder Sachio really wanted to play bowling dat day...maybe bcoz he knew dat his lucky star was shining brightly." He won both of da set.

Faizul not in da pic...

Us at Daiman Bowl....

After finished with's time 2 eat. おなかがもうペコペコですよ。So, we went to......(sorry, forgot da name of da place). It's just a warong along road but seyesly famous with their Bubur Nasi. "Best in JB & Singapore." So, we ordered bubur nasi & add on kerang rebus. Mula2 mak aku risau gk, diorng ni blh ke x makan bubur nasi....bila ditanya, diorang jwb, 何でもいい。So, bantai je la. Seyesly it's delicious...smpai org jepun 2 pn mengaku sedap.

Sachio's favourite word, "bubur nashi shedap." Haha, can't forget dat.

Finished eating...still not thinking on going back home, my mum decided to bring them to see Singapore from far. So, we brought them to Danga Bay. Nothing much, just a few snapshot at da beach of Johor Bahru & we went back home.


The next day, gonna sent them back to Kota Tinggi coz they're going to Mersing (stay at 1 of my fren house there). But, before we sent them to Mersing....still have 1 destination to bring them. Tanjung Puteri, Gelang where da rumours bout WPI, Wilayah Perindustrian Iskandar is. The place is still under construction....still not fully complete.

Below is da pic dat we snap at Tanjung Puteri...

Act, there is a view of a bay behind...but it was raining, so can't go further. ちょっと残念 the information counter. For tourist who want to stay in a resort.

The end.....quite tired to tell more specific about dis story. Look at the time's 5 in da morning & i still not yet sleep. Arghh....i'm in a damn sleepy rite now. Gonna make dis fast & wait for Subuh prayer then want to SLEEP. Let da pic tell da story....hope u enjoy it, thanx 4 reading.

My family (except my dad, he's outstation) with Sachio & Shuhei

2 jejaka melayu terakhir & 2 jejaka jepun terawal...haha
(thinkng of caption makes me tired)

My lil sis & granny with them....nenek aku pn rajin gk melayan kerenah diorng ni. Huhu

THE END.....



  1. Wahh...........cuti yg menyeronokkan utk mereka....Tahniah kpd rakyat Malaysia yg sungguh sopan,pemurah dan macam2 perkara positif lagi.....Atas didikan korang juga, Sachio sudah mengatakan satu ayat yg ade kimochi:Bubur nashi shedap.
    Sy bangga sbg anak Malaysia..Yeah

  2. nyer jln2 p danga bay...puteri harbour tu baru ka???wa i nk balki msia sakrang jugak..seriuosly!!!!! kimsalam @ ur mum...

  3. giler ar zed nenek ko.. pn minat ngn org jepun ea..

  4. eyt,CORRECTION..
    bowling 1st game aq draw dgn sachio..
    2nd game aq won..
    zed tipu..uso da ne..
    terrrrbangga la plak.
    jigajisan btl..ho3~