Dec 13, 2009

1st long weekend


1stly, sori 2 Azim(baloo)...aku cilok ur topic. Actually, it's not a REAL LONG weeknd pn. It's just an ordinary weeknd just plus 1 day off since it was da birthday of Sultan Selangor. So, just wanna share wut did I done in this weeknd since it's quite long i didn't post any new article.

Begin with friday night...dunno wut happen to YPM coz suddenly they arranged a dinner for all of us. Although they were some conflicts (sorry, can't mention about it....sensitive). We (JAD students だけ) were invited to join the dinner at Hotel Istana, Kuala Lumpur. Wut a nice hotel. There were still some ques that gobbling in my mind...why suddenly YPM become such very nice to have a dinner in such exclusive 5 star hotel, with a 目的, to introduce all the YPM staff who works in JAD. So that we can know them better. Ada gk la sampingan ckp pasal rules & those ear sore stuff. Never long as we get a free dinner, Alhamdulillah. Thanks YPM, hope we can have it more often. Huhu.

Performance from my batch....mantap. Our boy bands

さちおさん、ゼッドと 周平さん(was it da right kanji?)

1 more thing, before i forget....da pic above shows me with 2 of our new batch-mate. Lmbt dftar....duk jauh sangat, so diorang lmbat smpai. Actually, they are foreign student from together with us in JAD.


End of story about dinner...move on to the leader of the day, Friday. Nuthing special actually...after Friday's prayer, went out to Mid Valley Megamall. Hanged around with Pian, Ciko & Pumba. Main purpose : Ninja Assassin

Ninja Assassin...better dun watch it with ur girlfren. Maybe girl quite scared.
Darah mengalir cam air

Alhamdulillah, dpt gak tgk.....we got a 9.00pm movie ticket. After movie, went back to tbp by taxi. Luckily, we got a middle age man who is so kind who just let us paid the fare for only RM30. Pian mmg kaki bodek la, haha. I think it's quite cheap since the distance from Mid Valley to tbp quite far...


So, saturday....our futsal match. Located at Sport Planet, Shah Alam, we had our futsal tournament there. If i'm not was Piala CEO YPM (sumthing like dat kot). Every batch sent 3 teams. Secara ringkas je la...all of us (my batch) have tried our best but luck was not on our side. Only 1 out of 3 teams of our batch qualified to the quarter. In the quarter team (N7) fought with Hoobin (大先輩). We got our first lead in the game by Raji's goal....but unfortunately, we have to agree with the talent 大先輩 got. A quick free kick goal by Adib and amazing goal from quite an impossible angle shot from Azuan thus made us lost the match. 悲しいですよ。Hampa...we tried our best to be in the last 4 in order to have the chance to receive the prize.

N7 Team members :
Azam, Fawwas, Zed, Adan, Syakir, Ayami, Raji

Tired of typing...maybe i should stop here. So, thanx for reading. Wassalam

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