Jun 25, 2011

Adilkah Allah?


Allah tidak pernah silap dalam pentadbiran-Nya,
Semua yang berlaku atas kehendak-Nya,
Kuasa-Nya tidak akan berkurang sekalipun kau tidak menyembah-Nya.

Apa itu erti kehidupan?
Allah tidak pernah berjanji bahawa kehidupan ini akan sentiasa mudah...
kerana asas kehidupan itu adalah ujian serta cabaran...
Allah hanya berjanji Dia akan bersama-sama denganmu di sepanjang kehidupan ini.

Kerana apa Allah menciptakan kehidupan?
Yakni untuk melihat apa yang kamu akan usahakan dalam kehidupan kamu...
Itulah sebabnya mengapa orang bukan Islam pun boleh berjaya...
Kerana mereka telah BERUSAHA dalam kehidupan mereka.

Mengapa orang Islam sendiri masih melakukan kejahatan?
Kerana mereka tidak pernah BERUSAHA mengenal Tuhan mereka,
BERUSAHA mengenal Allah Yang Esa.
Kerana mereka tidak pernah BERUSAHA mendalami agama yang mereka anuti,
agama yang dijanjikan kemenangan oleh Allah,
Yakni agama Islam yang disampaikan oleh junjungan mulia Rasullulah sendiri.

Adilkah Tuhan?

Sila lihat video di bawah ini untuk mendapatkan kefahaman yang lebih jelas....

Jun 24, 2011

Technology deception

Assalamualaikum & gd evening to all reader,

For today post, i want to talk mainly about 'MAGIC'.
Have u ever seen a magic before?
What type of magic have u seen?
Is it using coin? watch? etc....

Mainly, the simplest magic (at least from the way i'm thinking) is by using card. A poker card.
This kind of magic is mainly based on the skill of the person.
The skill of their hand....to move the card smoothly for example. Or to hide it elsewhere.

But, this is more interesting that i found while surfing the internet.
A 'MAGIC' by using technology.
It is called 'deception'.

Have u ever heard a magic by using Iphone?
Quite weird isn't it?
Well....do believe it. Because it is true.

I don't know what kind of technology that 'he' is using....
either it is just an application? Or else?
Yeah, i never had an iphone, so i don't know quite deep about it.
Never mind....i've downloaded the video for u to see it.

Please, take a look at this video.....
hope it will amazed u too. Enjoy~

So, how's it?
For sure u're amazed by it....

So, after this, whenever u see a street magician, or performer....try ask them to show deception magic using this kind of technology. haha

That's all for now....enjoy~

Thanks for reading, salam

Jun 18, 2011

How to bypass a blocked website

Assalamualaikum and good evening to readers,

Since our goverment has launched an action to block any file-sharing website, we are now unable to access dozen of those. This also means that we can't download anything from these sites anymore. But, don't worry.....irzed is here to help solve this problem, at least i just give 1 example on how to bypass this blocked website.

I'll explain it by using a picture so that it'll be easier to understand....

1) Firstly, i would like to confirm whether it had been blocked or not....

megaupload.com has been blocked!

2) My next target is "ThePirateBay.org".....let's see

ThePirateBay.org seems unresponsive!

3) What i do next, is to open through a proxy website (i'll explain it later)

In this example, i chosed "vtunnel.com" as it is 1 of my favourite web proxy

Just open www.vtunnel.com and enter your prefered website in the box provided....let it be anything such as megaupload.com and click 'begin browsing' button just below it.

4) Here's the result....let's bypass the government filter,

That's it! No problem at all.....bravo

5) If u are still doubt about it, i'll show u another example. This time, i'm opening Piratebay.org

Yup...successfully bypassed it!

So, what're you waiting for....do it yourself. It's easy, simple and effective.

Here's another web proxy site that i trusted:

step same as before...

Do enjoy...


P/S : A little advise :

1) Remember, this is only 1 method on how to bypass the filter. Actually there are many more but i think i won't teach it publicly here. Bypass using proxy site are the most simplest way and please don't expect it to be 100% effective. Sometimes, even web proxy site can be blocked too. But the good news is, there are hundreds, thousands of proxy site that give the same service....so, you can choose from it.

2) Web proxy site works using third party, which mean data that we sent can be seen by the party user. That's how it works. But still, there are security that can protect us from it. Just for prevention.....please minimize the usage of sending information detail using web proxy site. In a simple word; don't enter your banking account number or your password by using these proxy site as 'they' might have the opportunity to 'see' it.

This is how it works...using third party

Use it with caution though....
Thanks for reading

Jun 16, 2011

Hackers VS. Malaysia Government!!!

Assalamualaikum & gd evening to all reader,

Since it's a catastrophic news nowadays...i want to talk a little bit about it. Can you guess it?

Well, recently our government took their action in order to protect copyright. This action is taken step-by-step. Until now, some major file-sharing website has been blocked and can't be access. The website that i've confirmed such as:

maybe, there's more...

Some citizen thinks that this action taken by the government is breaking the human right for internet freedom. Undoubtedly, this will effect the freedom of information as some of us use file-sharing over the internet to store some information. It doesn't means that all of the file in file-sharing website is illegal...just a portion of it.


Back to the issue; There's a group of people that called themselves as 'THE ANONYMOUS' appear as a hero. Their popularity suddenly increase as they are fighting with the government in order to stop the action. I bumped into this while surfing internet yesterday and my friend gave me a link of a video which contain a threat sent by The Anonymous to our government.

I'm amazed by their words....let's watch a short message from The Anonymous :

It seems that The Anonymous is kinda like a team consists of hackers from around the world and their objective is to protect human right in cyber world.

Their operation is called "Operation Malaysia".

From what i've seen on youtube, Malaysia is not the 1st and only country that been a target to The Anonymous. There're others who had been a target before such as Tunisia, Iran, Iraq and even Sony Company for disabling 1 of their software patch in PS3. It looks to me that this team of hackers are a world-class hackers.


The Anonymous has taken their action....our government portal is being attacked!!!

Read this news.
Yahoo News
Yahoo News 2
Kosmo Online

Good Job The Anonymous.....
I'll support you!

Damn, they're good....how can i be a good hackers like them. Before i end this post...this are some of their words that mesmerized me :

"For rules were meant to be broken. And corruption was meant to be washed away and forgiven. Now we will wash your corruption away so be prepared."

Thank you for reading.....

p/s: this is just my own opinion, no hard feelings.
-Freedom of speech- *peace