Jun 24, 2011

Technology deception

Assalamualaikum & gd evening to all reader,

For today post, i want to talk mainly about 'MAGIC'.
Have u ever seen a magic before?
What type of magic have u seen?
Is it using coin? watch? etc....

Mainly, the simplest magic (at least from the way i'm thinking) is by using card. A poker card.
This kind of magic is mainly based on the skill of the person.
The skill of their hand....to move the card smoothly for example. Or to hide it elsewhere.

But, this is more interesting that i found while surfing the internet.
A 'MAGIC' by using technology.
It is called 'deception'.

Have u ever heard a magic by using Iphone?
Quite weird isn't it?
Well....do believe it. Because it is true.

I don't know what kind of technology that 'he' is using....
either it is just an application? Or else?
Yeah, i never had an iphone, so i don't know quite deep about it.
Never mind....i've downloaded the video for u to see it.

Please, take a look at this video.....
hope it will amazed u too. Enjoy~

So, how's it?
For sure u're amazed by it....

So, after this, whenever u see a street magician, or performer....try ask them to show deception magic using this kind of technology. haha

That's all for now....enjoy~

Thanks for reading, salam


  1. hmm..
    xde la magic nau kt iPhone tuh..
    dia dah rakam siap2 video kt setiap satu..
    pastu main masa jer untuk tunjuk setiap satu..
    ibarat powerpoint time happyou..
    x gitu?

  2. Ehm....x prnh pn experience ada iphone, xtau sgt la. But still, kalo nk wt cmtu, it's hard isn't it? Tgk jela part rma2 tuka2 screen iphone 2....and part anggota bdn rma2 tu pech ikt iphone 2. Sugee jyang!