Apr 17, 2011

PIKOM PC Fair Experience

Assalamualaikum & hello to all my readers,

Yesterday (Saturday, 16th April 2011), my friends and i paid a visit to KL Convention Center where PC Fair 2011 was held. As usual, the place's crowded.

We; (me, Pian, Nyai, Qilong and Izmar da street magician) depart from our beloved TBP around 11.30 noon. Took a ktm, putra lrt to KLCC......bla....bla...bla.

Actually, this post is not to tell about my experienced during the PC Fair (eventhough that's what the title looks like). Who cares, it's my blog....so, it's up to me. =)

But, that doesn't mean that this post is rubbish.....i just want to share some new things that i've learnt from my last visit to PC Fair.

So, during my last visit, i learnt 2 new things:

1st : Acer latest and most-advanced laptop; Acer Iconia laptop.

dual sided-screen : fully touch screen function

sleek design, attractive view

flexible rotating

Seriously, i didn't knew about the existence of this kind of laptop created by Acer. I was like....amazed when i first saw it. About the explanation, i'll search for it and insya Allah i'll post it here. Just for in time being, i just posted a few image of it, and a close-up video. Hope u guys will get a good imagine about this laptop. You can watch the video H.E.R.E.!!!

Enjoy the video. =)

2nd : Intel 2nd generation chipset

Again, i still didn't fully understand about this. What i knew that this 2nd generation is upgrade from the previous version, 1st generation chipset. So, when i say about 'upgrade'....for sure the performance, graphic, overall meter is higher than before. So, this can be concluded by intel new 2nd generation chipset has a higher graphic, faster performance and an absolute increase in overall meter compared to the previous version.

2nd generation chipset; also known as Sandy Bridge.

I'll try to collect as much information as i could. Don't worry to my fellow readers, i'll share it as soon as i got it.

So, that's what the main of this post...just wanna share some new trendy gadget. Hope you guys enjoy it and sorry for the lack of information. I'll try to update it a bit more.

For those who never had a chance to visit PIKOM PC Fair, below are some of the pictures:

For sure it's crowded with a bunch of people

The 1st hall, PC Guru (where you can ask for suggestion before buying a laptop or desktop)
Model promoting MSI
More model....

That's some of the view from PIKOM PC Fair....where low, medium and high-end stuff gather along and for sure, crowded with people who wants to know more about those technological gadgets. Plus, more modellllllllllll...........hahaha

Just for an extra info, i've spent RM100 during visiting it. Should bring along an extra cash. huhu.

Sensonic wireless mouse MX700 : RM50.00

Cooler Master fan : RM50.00

So, that's all for this post. I sure i'll update it again about the Acer Iconia and intel 2nd generation chipset. Thanks for reading. *Peace*


Apr 16, 2011

Nippon Paint design competition.....a truly creative design

Hello to all readers,

While i'm browsing the web searching for a new idea in designing, i found out that there's a group of people who managed to design something even in 3D soo magnificient. Just did some research and i found out that there're from "Nippon Paint Young Designer Awards."

Never heard about it, ain't i'm right? Just thinking of why Nippon Paint didn't do a big promotion/marketing regarding this competition just to let Malaysian know the presence of it. It's quite interesting, since i'm interested in designing. Well, not good enough but rather called myself as a beginner using Photoshop and Lightroom.

The commercial ads : "Leading design with colour trends"

Most of the participants were truly amazing as their idea were original and full of creativity. Should visit their homepage and watch for yourself design made by them. Love it. =)

To know more about Nippon Paint Young Designer or want to see their artwork,
please visit here

Nippon army!!! March!

Malaysia's being infected.....Celcom Kolony

Salam kepada semua pembaca,

Pernah x sesiapa di kalangan kamu pernah mendapat msj (from unknown sender) yang mengatakan tentang infeksi di Malaysia. Msjnya berbunyi begini "Sejenis infeksi bakal melanda Malaysia, nantikan kemunculannya." Lebih kurang cmtu la msj nye.

Tp, yg plknya waktu 2...ialah jenis msj trsebut. It's not like an ordinary msg, it's more like a pop-up msg. Msj trsebut trs buka sndiri dan menunjukkan isi kandungan tanpa perlu menekan button read (berbeza mengikut model telefon). But, it's true....even of a different phone model, it just pop-out the msg itself. Just thinking....what kind of technology is that.

So, setelah membuat beberapa kajian, dapatlah serba-sedikit maklumat tentang infeksi ni. Dikenali dengan nama KOLONY.

No wonder ayt dia nyatakan "infeksi" coz kolony ni menggunakan simbol ala-ala biohazard in orange colour. Merupakan salah satu perkhidmatan Celcom yang dinamakan Celcom Kolony dan baru dilancarkan mungkin sejak minggu lepas.

Nice celcom....1 lg rangkaian baru dilancarkan. So, untuk tahu dengan lebih lanjut, boleh layari sendiri di web ini.

Itu saja yang saya ingin saya smpaikan di pagi hari ini....sekian, wassalam.

Apr 14, 2011

What's the secret behind Maybankard


Looks like i've something to share here....it's about maybankard (as stated at the topic).

In this new era of globalisation....where the world and technology are on the same path, credit card, debit card, & etc are widely understand by most Malaysian. It makes our life easier as when to pay something, just slide the card through the machine. Plus, we can prevent from loss of cash by robbery or anything. Is easy rite? =)

I know that most of Malaysian have registered with Maybankard, but did you guys know truly about the card? If want to know more, just click here. (Sorry, can't post it here....too public) I can't explain it here but i can help you guys know more about it by spreading it. Hope it's not an offence. *Peace*

So, let's know more about maybankard....let's read it, and spread it.

Once again, i'll post the link....please click here to know about it!!!

Friends and knowledge, the more you share, the more you gain.