Apr 14, 2011

What's the secret behind Maybankard


Looks like i've something to share here....it's about maybankard (as stated at the topic).

In this new era of globalisation....where the world and technology are on the same path, credit card, debit card, & etc are widely understand by most Malaysian. It makes our life easier as when to pay something, just slide the card through the machine. Plus, we can prevent from loss of cash by robbery or anything. Is easy rite? =)

I know that most of Malaysian have registered with Maybankard, but did you guys know truly about the card? If want to know more, just click here. (Sorry, can't post it here....too public) I can't explain it here but i can help you guys know more about it by spreading it. Hope it's not an offence. *Peace*

So, let's know more about maybankard....let's read it, and spread it.

Once again, i'll post the link....please click here to know about it!!!

Friends and knowledge, the more you share, the more you gain.

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