Apr 16, 2011

Nippon Paint design competition.....a truly creative design

Hello to all readers,

While i'm browsing the web searching for a new idea in designing, i found out that there's a group of people who managed to design something even in 3D soo magnificient. Just did some research and i found out that there're from "Nippon Paint Young Designer Awards."

Never heard about it, ain't i'm right? Just thinking of why Nippon Paint didn't do a big promotion/marketing regarding this competition just to let Malaysian know the presence of it. It's quite interesting, since i'm interested in designing. Well, not good enough but rather called myself as a beginner using Photoshop and Lightroom.

The commercial ads : "Leading design with colour trends"

Most of the participants were truly amazing as their idea were original and full of creativity. Should visit their homepage and watch for yourself design made by them. Love it. =)

To know more about Nippon Paint Young Designer or want to see their artwork,
please visit here

Nippon army!!! March!

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