Sep 19, 2009

Special Weekは終わった、Rayaの休み始まるぞ!


Act, I wanted to post bout dis quite a few days ago but under certain circumstances, got to postponed it. Now do I have time to post about our Matrix Special Week programme. Basically, we're so enjoyed during our special week. Mana taknya, kelas skit je....banyak masa free. It was totally different from our previous semester 1. Most of us didn't have any problem to go out having break fast outside or just having fun at mid valley or anywhere. Even on weekdays, we still can spent our time outside.

For our Science class, we learnt to translate word. Yeah, during semester 1...we still learn all da science subject in english(化学、物理と数学) but in our semester 2, we gonna learn all dat in 日本語。大変そうね!Maybe there's nothing much i have to say bout dis science class coz there's no a special activity dat we done.

So, for da japanese class...there is still a learning class. But, it was divided into 3 classes(if I'm not mistaken). It were 文法(grammar workshop)、漢字(kanji workshop)、聴解と会話(kelas perbualan, english dia lupa la). Each of us just have to attnd 1 class....I chose 聴解と会話 coz I love to try to speak in japanese. Plus, it was da easiest class(no 問題、no 宿題-memang sempoi). More excitingly, we've done an activity dat is related to japanese culture(日本の文化). Such as 書道(something like writing kanji by using a japanese brush)
(a card game dat related to classic poem).

Here a little pictures dat was caught during our japanese culture programme. Start from 書道

Me(in my serious mood) was writing kanji. がんばれ

Ciko, me & Adam 白い.

Me with まつうら先生 and a '結婚' kanji. xde makna pape pun, saja je 2.

Dat's was a picture during 書道 activity. 楽しかったですね coz dat was our first experience in life. 次に、けんだまとおり紙のプルグラム。

なんだこれ.....susah gkla try main game ni!

Gaya cam hebat...pegng bola je, dh cam main yo-yo plak.

Slip keputusan けんだま。一級と初段 まだ合格しません。 ちょっと残念。Susah gk syial....huhu

最後に、百人一首カルタのゲーム。How to play dis game? There were a bunch of card (mmg banyk giler) and just letak je merata. But, for my group, we were quite creative at dat time. So, we decorate it....arrange it in a shape of circle, quite nice. Huhu

ああ、きれいですね。だれのグルプですか?Ueda Sensei bertanya...

Dh2, xnak riak.....x baik. Back to the game. So, before starting each turn, we must hear(a poem maybe) from da radio and pay a full attention to the last sentences and search for it. Sape yg dpt jumpa kad yg betul, he can keep it. At da end of da game, who got the most number of card win. アブブブヅル ハイズさんは ぜったいかちませんでした。Sorry hafiz, we were all joking. Nk rapatkn hubungan la katakan. Huhu.

Struggling to search for da card....

Now, Special week is over & dat was our 1st & last special week coz afta dis there was no special week for us. It is called short sem or famously known as 'Short Intensive Week.' Quite scary all da time. Argh, dis is JAD's life. In a nutshell, I enjoyed dis special week coz of it relaxity (jadual pun x pack sgt) & there was an activity other than studying.
先生たちは ありがとうね。

Now, it's holiday....raya holiday. So, wanna take dis opportunity to wish all of da muslim out there :

Selamat Menyambut Aidilfitri
Maaf Zahir & Batin

So, with dat.....wassalam & thanx for reading.

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