Sep 13, 2009

Shopping sakan

Salam 2 all readers,

12/09/09- as dis is our last weeknd before going to our hometown to celebrate Aidilfitri with our own beloved family. So, all of JAD student took dis opportunity to go shopping 'baju raya' or anything else 'barang keperluan raya.' Almaklumlah, dah menjadi tradisi, bila nak Aidilftri je....semua orang mesti pikirkan baju baru, kasut baru, seluar baru. 2 make it simple, everything's new.....jgn kekasih baru sudah! Haha

So, I don't want to miss dis chance to join most of JAD student went to shopping. At first, my plan was with Syamil, Mat & Amir Izzudin. Then, on the scheduled day, Amir Izzudin overslept. He slept until 4 in the evening. What in the world!!! 朝ねぼう betul la. No wonder Syamil & I knocked on his house door, but no one answered. So, mat pun bring la another person to join us which were Afiq & Aqmal. So, there were 5 of us in total.

Let's move on guys....our 1st place of destination was TS, I've planned with Jay to meet him there. From TS, we gonna move to Mid Valley before buka puasa. We want to break fast at mid valley & shops there for a while. So, we make a move to times square. I thought dat they wanted to take KTM directly to KL Central & took monorail to TS coz dat was da usual way for me to move sumwhere. Then, Mat spoke out his opinion to take a bus coz he said, "Bas lagi senang la, dia berhenti stret dpn stesen monorel KL sntral." Aqmal plak support je. Ok2, I gave-up....I dun want to be selfish by just follow my idea. We took 'suara majority.' By bus.

Yeah rite....bas sng nk dapat. Where is it? Dah dalam 15 minit tunggu, not even a single bus caught our sight. So, we moved on to next place. Katanya, bwh fly-over 2 bas byk. Ok2, suara majority menang. We walked a little bit by the side of da road, the main road in front of TBP, & a little bit of jungle trekking adventure (dah cam mat bangla pun ada gak). Waited there at around another 15 minutes. Okla, dpt gk naik bas. Lega skit rasanya.

2.30 pm, dat was da time we got on da bus. Perjalanan bermula.
3 pm, masih x nmpak lg bangunan KL Sntral. Sabar je dl.
3.30 pm, still x nmpk gk bangunan KL Sntral. Kesabaran dah makin hilang.

Mana taknya, dah la kt KL baru lepas hujan lebat. So, there were a certain place dat flooded. To make it even worse, the traffic jam(did I spell it correct?). Arghh, dis is KL. The City of Jam. Memang malang betul took us so long just to reach KL Central. 'Suara majority' kadang2 tidak menguntungkan. So, gotta change our plan due to late arrival at destination. So, terpaksa gadaikan TS (sori Jay).....& we gonna move to Mid Valley rite away.

4.15 pm, reached KL Central. Alhamdulillah...

Mid Valley, here we are. Lets' rock da world (apa kaitannya?). Just took a survey most of da item. Nak pastikan which 1 is da best. So, we all just did a window shopping. 'Masuk kedai, tgk2, tanya harga, bajet pk, pastu blah.' Haha....pity to da shop worker.

6.00 pm, got to be ready for break fast. Although it seems quite early, but most of da restaurant is flooding with muslim. Sume nk reserve untuk buka puasa. Without my knowledge, Mat & Aqmal have decided to break fast with their skulmate. So, just 3 of us now. Then, Syamil join da club. Dia pn nk brbuka ngan member skola dia. Damn.....aku nk buka ktne ni???

Luckily, I met with my Warisan-mate. 1st, Gamat(UIA) & Bagak(gonna quit UIA, wanna enter MIAT). Just have a short chit-chat and blah. They wanted to go back home. 2ndly, met with UM student; Kastam, Zairull, & Bocor. Have a break fast with them. I invited Afiq to join me & my friend for break fast but he denied softly.....saying dat he will join Bikai. Owh, ok then....nvr mind. "Nanti jumpa blk afta buka tau." Selamat Berbuka Puasa.

Now, just me & da other 3 of my warisan-mate(now a PASUM students). Sume dah ikut haluan masing2. Now, let's search for a place to break fast. It's really like impossible. 無理でしょう! Mana taknya, sume restoran dlm mid-valley 2 dh full. There's also a sign state dat 'Fully reserved for today break fast.' Quite frustrating dat time....xkan la nak makan kt kaki lima Mid-Valley plak (an experienced I gained before was at Giant Shah Alam twice).

Luckily, my fren Zairull remembered dat there was a mamak restaurant dat served nasi kandar outside Mid Valley, need a few steps to reach there. Alhamdulillah, Allah kasihan akan hambanya. So, we went to da mamak restaurant. Afta turn right-turn left-go stret-roundabout-flyover.....smpai pun kt tmpatnye. Nsb bek ada lagi seat kosng. Plus, there was no sign dat said fully reserved. Lega rasanya, x perlu la nk mkn merempat. Still, da price there quite expensive....nasi kandar dat I ate was RM9.00 and a RM2.50 Neslo Ais. wtf......cilakak mahal.

Afta break fast, maghrib prayer, I met again with the other 4 of us(at da 1s place we go out together). So, I said good bye to my warisan-mate & I joined again with Mat, Aqmal, Syamil and Afiq. Now, it's time to spend our money. Setelah survey td, dh mark la mana kedai yang nk pergi. Senang skit nk beli barng. We went to ROMP, RadioActive, Metrojaya. Almost most of us bought sumthing except for Aqmal. ざんねんですよ。He wanted to buy ROMP shirt but there's no suitable size for him.

As for me, I have quite a frustrating time. Have a misunderstanding with her. But, maybe dat problem has settled.....hope she will be ok. Sori Elina, I trust U k.

9.45 pm.....time to go back to TBP. つかれた....everyone seems tired.


My life starts at 11.

Another new plan just started....let's go to Uptown. Work out with my plan, searching for supporter. Da one dat already confirm were Syamil, Mat, Aqmal & Amir Izzudin. Then, Pian & his member, Abra (SAJOHA) joined us. Total= 6 jejaka. We went to Uptown at 2 in da morning. Selamat Pagi Uptown. Haha...memang balas dendam betul. Almaklumlah, lama betul aku x kuar berjalan. Asyik ada hal je.

Ada la skit2 barang yang dibeli. Syamil & Mat with their jeans and da others with a pair of shirt. Biasala, preparation for raya. アイヂフィツリのじゅんび。

Then, afta tired of shopping....we took our sahur there. Sng skit, blk umah nanti xyah pk nk makan apa.

Mat not in dis picture (coz he was da photographer).
Yeah, during sahur at uptown Shah Alam

4.30 am- そろそろしつれいします。Time to leave.....sumpah penat giler skang. Alhamdulillah ada je rezeki Allah. Dapat pegi Mid-Valley, pastu dapat plak pegi uptown.

Sekian, wassalam.....thanx for reading.

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