Nov 9, 2010

7 November - A.Leader.Was.Born

Hey, dat's my birth date. -7/11-

-7 November 1991-
A memorable date
A birth of a leader, a Muslim entrepeneur in the future
Baby with the name......Zed Al-Habshee bin Syed Abdul Hamid
Maternity ward, Johor Bahru Specialist Hospital

Time flew soo fast.....can't believe dat i'm already 19 years old.

Happy Birthday to me...

Thanks to everyone who wish my birthday. Really appreciate. I didn't thought will received quite a monstrous amount of birthday wish. 涙が出るほど嬉しい。皆、ありがとう。^_^

Singer in the making

My family brought me to Red Box, having a family karaoke. It was fun. Looking at my little sister, 1st time she set a foot in a karaoke center and singing with an enthusiasm. She loves singing. That should be no problem for her and she enjoyed it too. Thanks umi.

Birthday present i received this year!!!

Thanks to umi for the SubZero shirt and to my girl for the Really love them. Thank you sooo much.

Thanks for reading, wassalam.


  1. pergh.. layan karaoke ngan family tuh~

  2. semoga dgn peningkatan nombor usia menjadikan kita lebih matang dan lebih mengenal Tuhan. dan semoga hari ini lebih baik drpd hari semalam. all the best for your future undertakings! :)

    semoga panjang umur dan dimurahkan rezeki selalu. I-Allah.

  3. whoa.zed; bon anvsre 19th (:!! getting older thn older..huuu.nice presnt :)

  4. kyo_9 : haha...2la psl, umi bw g red box. Lyn je la. Sronok gk

    fatin : Amin...hope trmakbul. Thnx for da reminding

    Sara : thanx sara...yup, da present. Really like it

  5. epy bufday !!~ uik bday 7 november..actually no 7 ni btuah tau..haha sbb my birthday 7 january.. 7 is lucky !!~

  6. Thnx Mia....owh, so ur birthday is 7/1. Ok2, next year i'll wish u. I think so, 7 is lucky no. Btw, i love no. 7 in football jersey