May 14, 2011

A moment in Universal Studio

Sourvenir that i bought....
occasionally with FIFA Rugby World Cup this year, haha

Assalamualaikum & good evening,

Sorry for being quite, busy with all those reports & quiz plus my wimax connection is having a problem (really slow speed). Quite a long time i didn't update my blog. So, here it goes....

like a vacation diary- this time is about the journey to Universal Studio. Pls don't think too far, just a country by the neighbourhood. Actually, it was during the labour day, early of May. We went there by public transport mostly, my mom doesn't know Singapore's road. Let me brief a little bit, first, we took bus from JB Sentral to Kranji, Singapore. There, we took MRT until the last station on North East Line which is Harbour Front. Then, we took a monorail into Sentosa Island to Waterfront Station (that's where Universal Studio located)....

Universal Studio Singapore or best known as USS

Let picture do the talking....enjoy watching!


Taking MRT from Kranji to Dhoby Ghaut and changed to North East Line
to Harbour Front and directly to Sentosa station

Gonna ride the Sentosa Monorail to "Sentosa Island ; where the fun starts here"

Ops, missing an 'A' and quite a half 'S' back there!

Behind this picture is the real big 'UNIVERSAL' globe....
they closed it for maintenance it true? It's...Marilyn Monroe!!!

Having lunch at Goldilocks Cafe...
seriously, the chicken was better than KFC

Fruit punch; just a regular drink in an irregular bottle...

Ogre; Shrek's houseyard

One of the Steven Spielberg special effect scene.....damned great.
No wonder he can produce many great film; Transformers the best example

Hannan pn nek gk roller-coaster laju ni.....すげぇな俺の妹

The Mummy; Storyline based indoor roller-coaster, bring the most excitement to me. =)


Again, missing a letter 'D' at the back....
Almaklumlah, just using a simple digicam, not a DSLR with widening



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