Jul 17, 2011

The Middle Age- Golden Age of Islam Empire


In these post, i want to show something that i've found while surfing the world without boundaries-web. As stated in the title, The Golden Age of Islam or more specifically during the the Abbasiyah Empire in Baghdad. During this time, all of the knowledge from around the globe; Parsi, Rome, China and so on were gathered in Baghdad and were having an improvement and a translation to most language of the world.

Bernard Lewis wrote that Islamic governments inherited:

"the knowledge and skills of the ancient Middle East of Greece and of Persia. They added new and important innovations from outside, such as the manufacture of paper from China and decimal positional numbering from India. "

(source : wikipedia)

So, during my loafing time on the world wide web, i've found this astonishing video about the 1001 Inventions: The Library of secrets which is the name of an exhibition that was held at London Science Museum. Its like....wow! What a good job done by them to show the truth of the Golden Age of Islam. Have fun watching the video...

Significant number of inventions were developed in the medieval Islamic world, a geopolitical region that has at various times extended from Spain and Africa in the west to the Indian subcontinent and Malay Archipelago in the east. The inventions were developed during the medieval Islamic world, which covers the period from the early Caliphate to the later Ottoman, Safavid and Mughal empires. In particular, the majority of inventions here date back to the Islamic Golden Age, which is traditionally dated from the 8th to the 13th centuries, but has been extended to the 15th century by recent scholarship.

So, from this video, most of the modern technological tools nowadays were actually based on the contribution of Muslim scholars and scientist.


Around the year 1,000, the celebrated doctor Al Zahrawi published a 1,500 page illustrated encyclopedia of surgery that was used in Europe as a medical reference for the next 500 years. Among his many inventions, Zahrawi discovered the use of dissolving cat gut to stitch wounds — beforehand a second surgery had to be performed to remove sutures. He also reportedly performed the first caesarean operation and created the first pair of forceps.

Flying machine:

Though now we called it as aeroplane....and most of us knew that an idea to create aeroplane came from the Wrights-sibling when they saw a bird flying free in the sky. But actually, it was before it, during the medievel age (Golden Age of Islam). Abbas ibn Firnas was the first person to make a real attempt to construct a flying machine and fly. In the 9th century he designed a winged apparatus, roughly resembling a bird costume. In his most famous trial near Cordoba in Spain, Firnas flew upward for a few moments, before falling to the ground and partially breaking his back. His designs would undoubtedly have been an inspiration for famed Italian artist and inventor Leonardo da Vincis hundreds of years later.

The Great Islam Empire

My fellow brothers,
Look at our ancestor....what they have achieved during our Golden Age.
Unfortunately, look at us right now?
It seems like we have nothing.
We were even being called a terrorist.
Muslim is a terrorist. What is these?
What has happened to us?
Where are our glorious days had gone?
Why can't we repeat the history?
The history of our Golden Age....
Come on Muslim, my fellow brothers,
Let's stand up together and bring back our glory days,
It's time for us....
For us to show exactly who we are,
We'll conquer this earth again!

With that, wassalam...

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