Nov 26, 2012

My Doppelganger

Assalamualaikum & good evening,

I owned a bicycle. An old granny's bike or they called it ままちゃり (mama-chari). A simple granny's bicycle without a gear. Installed with only a bell and a dynamo lamp. Now, why should i be talking about a bicycle? I'm sure everyone of you who are reading this right now are wondering why. Let me make it clear that, the facts of living in Japan is that a bicycle became one of the necessities to live (mostly will). 

My old bicycle

Let me continue my story...

I would never be thinking of changing into a new bicycle as my other friends did. But one day, on a heavy rain pouring to the land of the rising sun, accompanied by hard storm struck in. Accidentally, there was a bike (a vespa specifically) parked next to mine so called national treasure bicycle and as the wind blows strong, the bike fall off on my old bicycle. I realized it on the next morning when i was just about to go to university. As a result, the bicycle bell and dynamo broke into pieces and the bicycle can only be used on a single task - to cycle. It was on that day i decided to buy a new bicycle. 



俺は自転車を持っていた。古い、お婆ちゃんのような自転車だった。地元の人は「ままちゃり」と 呼ぶ。

俺の母国「マレーシア」で、自転車を持っている時代は子供の頃の時代です。年が取ると、自転車に替わって、オートバイクとか車を運転する。しかし、日本で我々は自転車を使うことが普通です。だからこそ、「俺、毎日自転車で大学へ行く」ということをマレーシア人に教えたら、多分笑われる 可能性がある。しかし、マレーシアと日本の大違いはその自転車のデザインだ!


そのちゃりは先輩から買った。つまり、中古の自転車で、値段も全然高くなかった。しかしある日、大雨が降りながら、強い風(台風)も起こった。あの日に、俺の駐車してたちゃりの隣にある    げんちゃも止った。翌日、大学行く前に、そのげんちゃは俺の自転車に落ちた。その瞬間、俺の自転車のベールとダイナモランプがもう壊れちゃうと気づいた。その際、俺は新しい自転車を買うことに決めた。


My ordered treasure arrived!


After done my homework regarding which type of bicycle really suits me, i decided to buy a cross-bike type bicycle as it's still under sports type category. Which means the bicycle is equipped with a thin tyre as equipped in road-bike type bicycle. But, it still maintains a straight handle bar. As with road-bike type bicycle, most of it comes with a 'drop handle bar' which doesn't suited me after i've tried riding on it. 

Plus, the bicycle i ordered is a folding type bicycle which means the bicycle can be folded and carry around easily (they even sell a bicycle bag to make it easier to carry). 

Folded position and being kept inside my house

Tri-colour : white, black & gold




全体的にドッペルギャンガーのブランドはすごくいいブランドと思う。正直言うと、俺マレーシアで  このブランドの名前は全然聞いたことなかった。しかし、日本に着いたら、俺のクラスメートの中で、数人ぐらいドッペルギャンガーの自転車を使う。見たきっかけに、ドッペルギャンガーの自転車は気になった。そして、俺の昔の古いちゃりを壊れた上で、ドッペルギャンガーの素晴らしさを感じてほしい。やっと今は、ドッペルギャンガーの自転車を手に入れた。その素晴らしさも自分で感じた。

 Front view 

Me on my bicycle, looks cool

Doppelganger really a great brand of bicycle. Honestly speaking, i did not even know about it during my time in Malaysia. But when i arrived here in Japan, after seeing some of my classmates here using Doppelganger bicycle, it really caught my attention because of the really nice design. So, that's when my research started. Plus with my intention on buying a new bicycle, i already decided wanting to own one of it. Now, i got my hand on one of the model.  

That's it for another one of my treasures, thank you for reading. 

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