Oct 21, 2010

Pangkor.....Y.E.A.H !.!.! (Part 2)


Act, xde pape pn kat sini....dah hbs pun crita psl kt Pangkor. Just nk ltk beberapa kpng gmba photoshoot yg disnap spanjng kt sana. Btw, 1stly, tribute to photographer....

Aizuddin Shaali Masri


Act, aku nk buat beberapa tambahan kt sini....memandangkn ni ruangan photoshoot, so aku promote skali 1 software yg sesuai dgn bnde2 ni. Adobe Lightroom

Seriously, this software is easy-to-use (user friendly), nice interface. Even a beginner can do it. Just try it and look the difference.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3.....best for picture finishing

This is the interface preview...

So, if anyone interested, you can download it here...it's FREE.


So, back we are in our photoshoot session. I just upload some of the picture, of course not all of it. Gonna take like a whole day if wanna upload all of it. Contain around 500+ picture. So, have some fun. Do enjoy the picture.

With that, wassalam....

Thanks for viewing.

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