Oct 2, 2010

The unity in Islam


This video was shot in Alexandria, Egypt during the fasting month of Ramadhan 2010.

This is our answer to all those who fight Islam and try to stop it from spreading all over the world:
"We tell them that you can draw cartoons, or threat to burn Quran, or protest against mosques, or ban the Athan, or fight hijab....but in the end you will never win over Islam, because the power of the word of truth can never be defeated. Come to learn how strong Muslims are on their faith, how much they love Islam. How much they're sincere in following Islam and how much they dedicate in following Islam. Try to think of any other religion in the world and you will never find followers of any religion who are strong in either faith and sincere in their worship as Muslims."

In the video, people are praying at the streets because there is no empty space inside the mosque, so they made the prayer on every empty place they could find. Think of any way to destroy Muslims or to make Islam disappear from this world, but the truth is, you will NEVER win over Islam.....



  1. mantap kn bro....bila sme muslim kt m'sia blh solat smpai cmni agknya.