Jun 7, 2012

My Generasi

Assalamualaikum & good evening,

Try guessing the picture below?

I can guarantee that all of you can guess correctly what item is that. In fact, there are some of you who even know deeply about the product. 

In this post, i don't want to talk about the product above; which is an Apple Ipad 2 nor anything that have any relation with Apple.

As stated on the title, i want to talk about generation. Specifically 'MY GENERATION'. It just appear to me that how i missed those moments when i was a child and all those stuff that made me happy during those time.Really different from kids today who normally playing with their (or maybe their parent's) iphone, ipad, or any i gadgets stuff. Yeah, it seems like a BIG gap between the children in the 90's and the children nowadays.

Have to blur the face for personal safety

Todays, even 1 years old kid know how to use ipad. & that items become an entertainment to them; as if it is cheap. Something that is cost around RM1000+ and now become kid's toys. I'm not blaming the kids nowadays become spoilt. For those who are lucky to be in rich family, maybe they have the chance to play this 'luxury toys' even at the age of 1,2 or maybe 3 years old. But that's not the point of what i want to say....just look at the times. Just how fast the time's changing and the technology developing. 

Next....can you guess what's these : 

Do you know the name of this game? & how to play it? 

How about this? (Again : blur face)

Yeah, two of the pictures above were the games during my childhood time. If you got no idea what the name of the game is...let me tell you. The upper picture is 'galah panjang' and the next is 'ce-pe'. Just a simple game using a bottle cap.

See the differences? Between 90's generation & todays generation games?
- no need large amounts of bucks
- make us more friendly to others as we usually play together by groups
- train us to be more skillfull in certain area as most of our 90's games use physical force

There are still a lot more but i can't find the picture. Others are 'main lawan pemadam', 'main bola using plastic bottle', 'slingshot' and 'fortune-telling using paper'. These are the only games that i can remember the name. Maybe you can get some idea's after watching a video that i want to show to you. Here it is....video that was creeated by jinnyboy for Digi Awards tv.

Or you can see another video here :

 Thanks jinnyboy for the nostalgic video

Once again, i want to apologize maybe some of you find my post offensive but i have no intention to do that. I just want to replenish my memory during my childhood life. & after a little studying i have done, i found out that 'they' (someone who is an expert in the field of study, a sociologist maybe)categorized the children's generation as generation X, Y, Z and the recent kids nowadays are called as generation A or generation alpha. If you're interested in that kind of info, maybe you can study further through the internet or maybe ask someone else as i'm not the one to explain about it. I'm an engineering student. :)

Thanks for reading....see you again in the next post.

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  1. salam.
    biasalah dunia dah berteknologi ,kononnya.
    So kitalah yang kena ajar diorang ni ,betapa bestnya zaman chilhood kita .cehh :)