Jul 5, 2012

Tour to Enoshima

Assalamualaikum & good evening to all reader,

On last Sunday which was on the 1st of July 2012, my friends and I went to Enoshima. We planned to go to Enoshima because one of our friend who lived in Kansai decided to visit us in Tokyo. He, who is currently studying in Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto came to Tokyo during weekend holidays.Thus, there weren't too many days for us to be together, just a short 2 days to have a fun.





Well, next is a little description about enoshima island :

Enoshima is a small island, about 4 km in circumference, at the mouth of the Katase - River, which floews into Sagami Bay in Japan. Part of the city of Fujisawa, it is linked to the Katase section of the same city on the mainland by a 600 meter-long bridge. Adjacent to some of the closest beaches to Tokyo and Yokohama, the island and the nearby coast are the hub of a local resort area. 

Benzaiten, the goddess of music and entertainment, is enshrined on the island. The island in its entirety is dedicated to the goddess, who is said to have made it rise from the bottom of the sea in sixth century. Enoshima is the center of Shonan, a resort area along the coast of Sagami Bay.

The island is the scene of the Enoshima Engi, a history of the shrines on Enoshima written by the Japanese Buddhist monk Kokei in 1047 AD. 

To reach Enoshima, we took Odakyu Line till Sagami-Oono & transfer using Enoshima Line till last station which is Enoshima. To reach to Enoshima main island, there are two ways either by ferry or walking. We decided to take a ferry which costs only 400¥ but unfortunately, the ferry service was already closed. They operate till 4 in the evening (local time) while we arrived at 4.30 evening. 

Since there were no other choices mode of transportation, we brave ourselves by walking from the train station to enoshima main island along the bridge which took us about half an hour. Despite of raining drizzly, we had so much fun talking with each other about many things. 

Bridge that connects it


東海大学前駅から乗って、相模大野で乗り換え江ノ島まで向かった。江ノ島駅に着いたら、フェリーを乗りたかったですが、フェリーサービスは既に閉鎖された。ようやく、僕たち 5人 (僕、サルハン、シャキル、フィクリとファリス)歩くしかない。

ここから全部写真を見せてあげる :

From here onwards, let the picture do the talking :

 Fried octopus....just after arriving at the mainland

Place to wash our feet before climbing "a few step" of stairs

I don't know what is this....but TG said it's a grave

 Us! 僕たち、永遠の友達!

Place where people write their wish or 'doa' 
& hang it on a tree near a shrine.


 Jingle bell, jingle bell.... ♪

Like an E-Wall, dude!!

 Us again....view of a lighthouse at the back




 Enoshima light-house

Really huge-fat nevertheless cute cat

Their wishes hanging here....
there are still a lot of it

This is what he intends to do...

Like on a dead island~

That's it for this post.....an adventure on Enoshima Island. Till we meet again on the next post, about Kamakura maybe. Insya Allah~

このポストは終わりです。次のポストもまたきてねぇ~ 鎌倉のこと

Thanks for reading,
Assalamualaikum & Thank you

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