Jul 11, 2012

Kamakura - 伝統的な町 (Chapter 1)

Assalamualaikum & good evening,

今回のポストは僕の参加したサークルのひとつの活動について、今シェアしたい。僕の参加したサークルは ESS と呼ばれて、英語コミュニケーションのサークルだ。英語コミュニケーションの  能力を高めるために、僕たちESS のメンバー鎌倉へ行って、鎌倉のこと英語で話した。だから、 このポストも全部英語で書く。じゃ、皆日本人の友達に;どうぞ、英語の練習!」

I've experienced most tiring but really wonderful weekend during my stay here in Japan. It had been a busy weekend for me as i need to wake up as early 7 in the morning (local time GMT+9). Just imagine! Wake up soo early especially on weekend....but nevertheless, it were a precious experienced. 

So, i want to share some of it here. On this post, i want to tell about our trip to Kamakura on last Saturday. First of all, let me explain that this trip was held by ESS (English Speaking Society) and it was one of their annual activity. As i'm one of their members, i've been invited to join these tour and the main point of it is for us to explain about the place to tourist in English. Maybe you can say more like a tour guide. Indirectly, such activity can help us to improve our english communication skill.

*I forget to tell that in this activity, i'm the tourist. So my japanese friends, they explained to me a little bit about kamakura. In fact i'm very amazed that they taken this activity seriously that they tried all their best to get an adequate information regarding the area. You guys deserve to be commended.


There are a lot of pictures i want to show, so i decided to divide into 2 chapters. So, let's read the 1st chapter below.  

The story begin :

On last saturday, 7th of July 2012, it was decided that we're going on a journey to Kamakura as 1 of our ESS activity. So, we met at 長谷駅 (Hase station) at 11 o'clock. *Sorry to ueno & Eri for making you waited for us as we're little late.... ;) 

After meeting each other, our 1st destination was to 長谷寺 (Hase Temple), about 10-15 minutes walking distance from Hase station. 

 Eri, me & Syakir in front of the temple's entrance

Actually, we need to pay around 300 yen for adult in order to enter the temple (if i'm not mistaken) but ueno insisted to pay it for us. ;D Thanks a lot ueno! 上野大好き!

Surprisingly, the area of the temple is so big as Hase Temple is built along the slope of a wooden hill. A pretty garden; mainly Ajisai (あじさい) or also known as 'Hydrangea' with ponds is found at the base of the slope just after entering. The temple's main buildings are built further up the slopes which can be reach via stairs.

Us in front of Hase Temple (at the corner angle)

It's definitely true that the temple is built along a slope
have so many stairs

Sorry for quite dark picture...

 Beautiful pond and have koi fish in it

 Ajisai/hydrangea flower...mostly red, blue or violet in colour

Ajisai close-up view

 三人のあじさい ;)


Still in the area of Hase Temple, there is 'benten-kutsu' which is a small cave. Sculptures of Benten and other minor gods can be found inside here. 


After conquered the cave

After finished exploring Hase Temple, we move on to our next destination which was 大仏 (Big Buddha statue). This buddha statue quite same as we have one in Penang, Malaysia. But maybe it's different in the type of God itself. 

 Kek Lok Si Temple, Penang, Malaysia

 大仏 in Kamakura

I have been told that the weight of the buddha is around 121 000 kg.....it will be a serious problem if the statue suddenly collapse and fall on us. Anyway, there's a way to enter 'inside' the statue. We need to pay 20 yen to enter inside. But, there is nothing actually. Just an empty space and quite dark inside.

After finished exploring Hase Temple and Big buddha statue, we felt tired and sudden need to eat an ice-cream while take a few minutes to relax. In fact, it was a hot day....because it's already summer here in Japan. So, we decided to take a rest in an ice-cream shop. 
Thanks again to my tour guide as he know the best place for it.

 The little piece of paper hanging there ;
it is like a certificate that Obama once came here before during his childhood

So it is, we're visiting an ice-cream shop that was once visited by Barrack Obama. For those who don't know who's on earth is him, he is current US president.

 Strawberry, Vanilla & green tea...
we ordered the exact same thing of what Obama once ate

 Could we be the next president/prime minister after we eat this?

So, that's it. The end of our journey in Kamakura. 
Oh wait!!! There's more to come....this is only 1st chapter of it. Do continue to read the 2nd chapter of our journey. Thank you for reading. To my tour guide; Ueno & Eri, thanks a lot & i do appreciate your kindness and efforts in order to explain to me a little about the history and story behind those statue / sculptures and etc.

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