Jul 24, 2012

7th ASEAN Festival (live from Japan)

Assalamualaikum & good evening,

First of all, in the blessing month of Ramadhan, i would like to wish all muslim out there Happy Ramadhan/Ramadhan Kareem. Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah The Almighty that we still live till today so that we got the chance to experience Ramadhan of 1433H or in western calendar ; 2012. Hope we can get the goods from these blessing month. Insya Allah. 

Just a little bit introduction to greet my fellow muslim brotherhood in these month of Ramadhan.


Back to the title of the topic, i want to share one of the event i've participated in. The 7th ASEAN Festival was held on Sunday, 8th July 2012 at Roppongi Hills Hollywood Plaza, Tokyo. Yeah, you can say that it's a classy place. The name is quite similar with 'Beverly Hills' in US. Still, there's not much difference as it's the place where rich people lives.

Official poster

I was invited from my senior to participate in the fashion show during the festival. As the name given "ASEAN Festival", many countries that participate in other than Malaysia, & for sure South East Asian only!
So, my senior ask for my help to be a volunteer as one of Malaysian model promoting Malaysian traditional cloth. 

Sounds like a challenge to me

Be sporting and want to make a new friends ; i set my intention and finally i decided to accept the challenge. Never been a model before so i watched and learned from youtube on how to 'catwalk' on the stage and bla bla bla....great exprience though.

Anyway, this event was organized by co-operation from representative of each country. Representative of Malaysia in Japan is "Malaysian Students Association in Japan" or MSAJ. MSAJ is an organization formed in order to unite all Malaysian students throughout all Japan and instill togetherness and the spirit of patriotism towards Malaysia. To find out more about MSAJ, you can visit their homepage here : Malaysian Students Association in Japan 

 ASEAN countries flag. 
If you noticed, Myanmar changed their flag on 21st October 2010

 Malaysian model got a free lunch.
Preparing for our fashion show

Show by Kemboja

Traditional dance performed by Kemboja, 
while wearing their traditional cloth

Thailand ; sawadikap~

Silat performed by Che Ahmad Munzir....

The next picture that will be shown, i didn't know from which country. 
Sorry but do enjoy the picture of their performance

Colourful & striking rainbow coloured cloth

 Hot ladies~ 

Unfortunately, they all have their own partner. 

 Like baba & nyonya, but i don't think this was from Malaysia


Long-awaited event finally shows up. It's my turn : Malaysia fashion show! Ta-da! 

 So cool right? Yeah, definitely! 
Anyway, after you've seen all these picture & realized something, please don't ask me such question about : "Zed, why are you partnering with a guy?" 
It's not like i'm gay or anti-girl or something. The answer is we're lack of female model. In fact we have an abundance of male volunteer to be a model. Such a sad story, i'm the one who persuaded my friend to enter but lastly i have to partner with a guy too. Never mind. He's my friend though. Not a big deal. Maybe there's not many 'sporting' ladies out there who want to be volunteer.

So, that's it. The greatest event i've attended so far during my stay in Japan. 

Thank you MSAJ, 
Thank you guys & it's a pleasure to meet you all. 
Not to forget, thanks to my senior for inviting me. 
What a fantastic & great experience! 

Thank you for reading. Salam

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  1. glad to hear that at least msaj`s event mean sumthing to the students!!!*happy*

  2. glad to hear that at least msaj`s event made ur day and gave u a good memories!! *happy*