Aug 7, 2012

本厚木の花火大会 (Summer Fireworks Festival)


When it comes to summer, one of the many events that would be held during this season is fireworks festival. Each city in Japan will perform their own fireworks festival. So, on the last 4th of August, i had the opportunity to join the fireworks festival held by Hon-Atsugi, Atsugi city. 

Despite the tiredness i felt after 8 hours of working, i directly met my friends at the decided spot & we went to see the fireworks together. 

Don't know what else to say here, so maybe i just end my story with a great amount of fireworks picture for you guys to enjoy. I forgot to mention that the fireworks festival held was the best in Kanagawa Prefecture for this year as it hold a record of 10000 explosion of fireworks. No. 1 in Kanagawa! 

Do enjoy! (click picture for full view)

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