Aug 14, 2012

Having a splendid iftar at 池袋 (ikebukuro)

The city of Ikebukuro, Japan at dusk

Assalamualaikum & good evening,

As i'm writing this post, it's dated 25th Ramadhan 1433H or 14th August 2012, 8.50 in the morning local time (Japan time). We're in the last 10 days of Ramadhan which is supposed that we search for Lailatul-Qadar night or also be-called as 'night of a thousands month'. Insya Allah we may find it.

I want to share my iftar experience on the last 5th of August 2012. Actually, my friends are going back to Malaysia on the next day, so i decided that we have some kind of 'iftar blast' before he going back. As we gonna miss each other for about 1 & a half months since the summer holiday end at the end of September. So, after doing some homework via searching the 'world wide web' and asking my other friends, i've found a great place for us to hangover. It was a mediterranean restaurant located in Ikebukuro (1 of the many big cities in central Tokyo), Japan. 

It was 4 of us as we called ourselves 'geng lepak' and we're close with each other. Actually, there are 5 of us, but unfortunately 1 person have gone to travel to osaka so he missed our hangover in Ikebukuro. We planned to meet at 5.30 in the evening at Ikebukuro station and from there we going together to the decided place. 

Forget to mention that the name of the Restaurant is Palmyra Restaurant.

Palmyra Restaurant on 2nd floor

Inside of the restaurant 

Luckily as we enter the restaurant, there aren't many other customers, so we got our chance to sit in a special area (as in the picture above). The restaurant is uniquely design and it bring a peaceful and relax environment.  It was a great experience to have a meal in such restaurant as my friend called me a gourmet person. Yeah, maybe i can agree with that as i have a passion in foods and i don't mind spending a lot of money on foods (still it depends on my affordability).

We ordered mutton kabsa & kebab as our main dishes

As for the food, we ordered mutton kabsa (カブサ), kebab (ケバブ), nan (ナン) & capati (シャバティ) dipped in homos (ホンモス). And as for dessert , we ordered arabian cheese cake (ハラウワジュビナ) & mango ice (マンゴ.アイス) which is mango ice-cream. I can gave 5/5 star rating for the food & my favourite is the arabian cheese cake. As i'm describing on the food we ate, just enough to make me drool and thinking to go there again. 

This is what i'm talking about....cheesecake cost around 500¥

Finally, it's shisha time 水タバコの時間だ!

Yeah, that's the end of our iftar at Palmyra Restaurant, Ikebukuro and it cost us 10000¥ total for 4 persons. So, each of us pay for 2500¥ and we decided to come here once a month maybe. Till i find another great restaurant, this will remain as the best i've found.


After the iftar, we all went to have a night at Pian's house as his house is the nearest on all of us. It was a sudden idea. I never intended to have a night there but never mind, spend 1 day together before he going back Malaysia. So, here continue my 2nd day gourmet searching for another nice & great restaurant. The next day iftar : 

 In front of Pian's house. Yeah, his house is 3X bigger than mine. 
Double story house just like in Malaysia

The next day, there's another guest coming to Pian's house; as they are going back together in the same flight. 3 of them. Forgot to tell that Pian live with Aqili and both of them were going back to Malaysia. 

Taken before depart to ikebukuro for another great iftar

And so our journey began...

For this time, we ate at Asian Restaurant specifically Thailand Restaurant. 

You just know what will pop into your mind when talking about thai restaurant. Absolutely the specialty here is their tomyam and their seafood. Finally can have a taste of 'Malaysian-like food' in foreign country. 

Merrier than yesterday, 7 of us having iftar together

Some sort of mentally-retarded excited face

Another example...

For summary, we ordered 3 types of fishes, 2 bowl of tomyam, 2 plates of veggie and 2 plates of clam and it cost us 10000¥ in total. Yeah, absolutely same as our dine yesterday but this time, it's 7 of us. After paying the bill, it's time to make our move as my friends (who are going back to Malaysia need to catch their flight)

Starting from here, we are going to split to our own destination

Their faces...

*Goodbye my friends, till we meet again on 2nd semester. In the meantime, Salam Ramadhan & Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin in advance*

Do hear this song as it's really suits us! 

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