Aug 28, 2012

Syawal di perantauan! 1st day of Syawal (Part 1)

Assalamualaikum, good evening & こんにちは,

It's already in the month of Syawal ; where we, muslims all over the world celebrate our glorious winning day after successfully completed a month of fasting during Ramadhan. This special celebration is called Eid Ul-Fitr or in Malay Language, we called it 'Hari Raya Aidilfitri.'

だから、一ヶ月間断食を成功したら、我々に特別な祭り(と言える)をお祝いして、その祭りは       Eid Ul-Fitr あるいはマレー語でハリラヤと呼ばれてる。

A little different my raya this year compared to the previous is i'm celebrating my Syawal not in my hometown. Now, i'm living faraway from my family in Malaysia. Due to strive for success, i've made my choice to study in oversea. Thus, this year is my first experience to celebrate Syawal in a place other than my own hometown. This year, I'm celebrating it in Japan.

My picture in Malaysia 'Berita Harian' newspaper.
Salam Perantau

それなのに、この前のハリラヤと違いは、今年のハリラヤ、俺は地元へ帰らないで、初めて日本でハリラヤをお祝いする。この悲しさはただ自分自身とアッラーしかしらない。こんな特別なお祭りは普通に家族とお祝いするのに、今年は俺の愛する家族と遠く離れて、本当に悲しい!ラヤの一日、家族に電話して、俺の声が聞こえたら、母は泣き始めた。俺の家族の皆、ずっと愛してるよ!<3 div="div">

In front of Embassy of Malaysia in Shibuya, Tokyo

Well, as the english proverb says "There is a silver lining in every cloud", i realized from this point that "a man is not an island". In these case, i meant that eventhough i'm separated thousand miles from my family, but still i can celebrate my Syawal with my other fellow buddies who also decided to celebrate our Syawal in Japan. This made me more realized on how important friends are. We are related by a special bond called friendship and we need each other to cheerish ourself, especially when we're far away from our beloved family. 

先言った通り、今年のハリラヤは家族と離れてても、ラヤをお祝いしないという意味わけない。マレーシアへ帰らない友達もまだいるし、だからこそ今年、友達と一緒にお祝いする。こうして、友達の大切さを気づくなった。我々はこの世界でどんな強い人でも一人ぼっちで住んでるのは、本当にできないということは事実です。だから英語のことわざにより 「A man is not an island」 という意味は、どんな独立の人でも、あるとき他人に依存する必要がある。今俺の場合には;家族と離れて、外人と呼ばれて、知り合いがあまりいない所に、ただ友達に依存できる。だから、この友情の絆をもっと大切にする。友達へ:俺と一緒にラヤをお祝いしてくれて、ありがとう!その嬉しさはちょこっとマレーシアにいるように感じた。

With Syed Kadir ; long-connect cousin

Wajah-wajah mereka

My fellow batchmate celebrating Raya at Malaysia Embassy


The celebration of Eid Ul-Fitr at embassy finished at 11 o'clock. After that, we have some kind of mini reunion with our one of the JAD lecturer who is now pursuing in Master degree. She is a japanese and studying in Kansai University but during this summer holiday (i forgot to tell that this year Raya is during summer vacation), she's going back to her hometown which is in Tokyo. Thus, we have the opportunity to meet her again after a while since we last met her during our graduation day in Malaysia. We hang-out somewhere around shibuya.....chatting, chatting & chatting with our beloved lecturer. Indirectly, we can improve our japanese communicating skills. 




なんとなく人数減らした~ ^^
Hang-out at Thai restaurant in Shibuya

So, that's it....a story about my 1st Syawal in Japan. Do read the continuous of my Syawal story in part 2. Coming soon. Thanks for reading. Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin



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