Sep 2, 2012

Syawal di perantauan! Part 2

Assalamualaikum, good evening & こんにちは、

After you have read the first part, which was on the first day of Syawal (1 Syawal of 1433H), in these post i want to tell about what happens to me on the next day of Syawal. Actually, celebrating Syawal in Japan is not soo much fun compared to Malaysia. The only feeling of Eid Ul-Fitr was during the 1st till 3rd day of Syawal maybe.

In the 1st chapter, i have told about me celebrating my Syawal and performing my Solat sunat Aidilfitri at Malaysia Embassy in Shibuya, Tokyo. Then, we have like a mini reunion with my ex-JAD lecturer at Shibuya. During the night. we have a little fireworks play. My lecturer invited me & some of my friends to play fireworks with his 2 little childrens so that we can have a feeling of Raya maybe. Well....we used to play fireworks back in Malaysia during Aidilfitri. So, here's a few pictures of it. 

シャワルの一日の夜、俺のもともと JAD の先生(今は一緒に東海大学で pHD に向かう)、一緒に花火を遊ぶと誘われた。実は「マレーシアで花火とラヤのお祝いを離れない」と言う意味はラヤのときいつも花火を遊んで、家族と一緒に嬉しい記念を作る。だからここで家族と離れてても、俺たち(友達と一緒に)その嬉しい記念を作りたいという俺の先生の目的だった。アジス先生、ありがとうございました!初めての海外のラヤの経験…


On the third day of Syawal, i'm organizing an open house just to have a little more feeling of Aidilfitri here in Japan. Plus, my friend just done his open house too on the 2nd day of Syawal.   I just invited my friends (guys only) & some other people i know around my neighbourhood. 

About the food that being served? Don't worry....i'm also known as 'The Master Chef of Tokai' here. One of the best cooker around here. ;)  Or maybe i'm just calling myself. 



home-made Soto ;) 

Beriyani kambing bersama daging kari sebagai kuah

Purple shirt's chef in action

Sedappp.....kata mereka~ 

My batchmates except for the one standing on the top-right,
he's an Afghanistan student pursuing master here

Finally, thanks to those who had come to my open house and ate all my cookings. Now i know how my mom felt when we all finished eating her cooking and when we praised her cooking was delicious. It's all the same as i felt. Thank you very much and sorry for any lack or inconvenience throughout the party....sorry for certain people who're not in the picture even they had come to my house during this party. They were about 20 peoples came and i felt really happy. Thanks a lot guys. You made my day! 

That's it for my Syawal report here in Japan and i think it's not too late to wish another 
Happy Eid Ul-Fitr. 
Salam Mubarak~ 
Thanks for reading

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