Sep 27, 2012

To the south we go : Nagoya trip

Assalamualaikum, good evening & こんにちは,

Map of Japan

After 4 days of travelling to the north part of Japan ; Sapporo, Hokkaido. Now, the next trip brought me to the south of Japan which is Nagoya. Nagoya is located in Aichi Prefecture. (Refer to picture above), Aichi Prefecture is numbered 23 while the place i'm living is numbered  14 ; Kanagawa Prefecture. Seems near right? Well, proceed the reading and you will know how long it takes to reach there.



The uniqueness of this trip was; my 1st trip with my japanese friends. Well, at least i've balanced myself. Travelled with my malaysian & japanese friends on the same summer holiday. Thanks to my part-time job, i gained extra money to have such a numberous amount of travel in 1 holiday. Back to my trip, it was my 1st time to travel in Japan by express bus. Furthermore, night bus. Never thought that the bus terminal would be so crowded. Seems like night bus got their own fans. My bus departed from shinjuku bus terminal on 15th September 2012 (Saturday), 11.50 pm. 


*Perjalanan dimulakan dengan Bismillah~


16 September 2012, Day 1 

We were greeted by this 'sight' upon arrival in Nagoya

Alhamdulillah, about 6 hours of travelling, finally arrived in Nagoya Station at 6 in the morning.  If you think that Aichi Prefecture is near? Think again! Upon our arrival in Nagoya, since it was still early in the morning (6 am japan local time), there were not many people on the street. But i never thought that the street would be soo empty (as you can see in the picture above). Even in my area, there will definitely got a few number of people on the street no matter how early it is. 

We searched for a place to take a cup of coffee for breakfast before heading to our reserved hotel.


A great breakfast in nagoya! Winner coffee~ 大ー好き!

After put our luggage in hotel, we moved on to our first sightseeing destination here in Nagoya ; which was Nagoya Castle.

(Winner コーヒー飲んだ後)皆朝ごはん食べた後、ホテルで荷物を預けて、また出かけた。名古屋で最初の観光地は名古屋城に行った。行くぜ!

Nagoya City Hall....愛知市役所
(On the way to Nagoya Castle)

Nagoya castle admission ticket : 500¥per entry

Some performance conducted to show the life of the royal families living in Nagoya Castle during that time....unexpectedly interesting though

Next, we went to Nagoya downtown :

The entrance gate....正門 

Turkey special ice-cream


Being kind to animal

That's it for the first day in Nagoya. We had soo much fun and tired of walking - we just walked from nagoya station to nagoya castle which took us about 30 minutes of walking. So, during the night, we decided to have a relax night and enjoy a view around sakae town.  

名古屋で初日はもうすぐ終わりだ。でも、その日に行ったところは;名古屋城と大顔観音の商店街はすごく楽しかった。ちょっと疲れたけどね~ だから、その夜、寛ぐな夜にしたい。だから、栄という名古屋にある大町でただ時間を潰して、散歩した。

We rode those ferries-wheel


Day 2

On the second day, we visited Nagoya Port. We spent most of our time for that day having fun around Nagoya Port. The first place we visited there was Nagoya Aquaria. Nagoya Aquaria is the largest aquaria in Japan.



The best part in Nagoya Aquaria was the show performed by a number of dolphin

Trainer use dolphin as a surfboard 

Trainer pushed by dolphin to jump higher 

Synchronize jump 


 Another show....sardine tornado

 Close-up view....sea urchin. ウニ触った!


Next, we visited the fuji ship, ふじ乗船


The building look alike Marina Bay, Singapore

Final night in Nagoya....

We got our own picture of the ticket

View of Nagoya on our final stay there


18 September 2012,

After had soo much fun, finally it's time to go back home. Plus, our new semester will start on the next day (19th September). With that, it's officially the end of our summer holiday. I had a great experiences throughout these holidays. Climbing the Mt. Fuji, travelling to north and south of Japan, other than tighten our bonds among my Malaysian friends, i managed to strengthen our friendship bonding with my japanese friends too. Throughout this nagoya trip, we even came out with our own group name. We called ourselves 'ese-kazoku' which means like adoptive family. Hope our bonding last forever~  




  1. pergh.. tido hotel tuuuu..
    next trip g belah kansai plak~

  2. Hotel tp rsanya affordable gk kot. 1 man sorng utk spnjng stay ktorng kt nagoya. Ok kn?

    Insya Allah...nk jelajah jepun ni puas2 ni. Slagi msh xde komitmen sgt ni huhu