Sep 19, 2012

illusion at Trick Art Museum, Odaiba, Japan

Assalamualaikum & good evening, 

In these post, i just want to show some of eye-illusion picture that occured at Trick Art Museum in Odaiba. I got the opportunity to visit Odaiba since my far-away lived friend came to Kanagawa for a visit during summer holiday. As it's been our tradition to always entertain guest that come to our house, i took a day-off at my work place (the best part was i didn't inform my senior, just escaped it like that), and we went to Odaiba, Tokyo for some fun. 

The famous gundam robot at Odaiba Diver City

The only attraction that i knew (at that time) in Odaiba was the famous gundam robot standing proudly in front of Odaiba Diver City. We arrived in Odaiba quite late; around 5 in the evening (Japan local time) the shop in Japan here closed quite early if compare to Malaysia. We rushed to Odaiba Diver City to have some fun there. That's when we found the Trick Art Museum inside it. 

Staff posing in front it

So, let's enjoy the photo... (click on the picture for a full view)

*i may not reveal the secret of it, you have to find it out yourself as with that it will make it more exciting. 

Will you believe me if i told you that there's no seat there.

This is what i called 'flying without wings'

Hey....don't touch my butt !!

Fighting with jaws! 

Last trick photo :
There are 12 hidden animals in the photo. Find it! 


After had some fun at the Trick Art Museum, we had our dinner there and had some nice photo session around the area. 

Another exciting attraction : Odaiba Aqua City,
some kind of gaming center...will visit there someday 

Rainbow bridge of Odaiba 

Yeah, that's it for my exciting moment at Trick Art Museum, Odaiba.
Hope you guys enjoyed it too....tricked by the photo? 
Try solve it yourself. ;P

Thanks for reading. 
Do visit again for my next post....
My 2nd summer vacation - north of Japan, the island of Hokaido

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  1. Your photos are funny ...but is there any trick eye museums around tokyo, osaka or maybe kyoto ? i guess odaiba is too far, isn't ?