Sep 14, 2012

Climbing the highest mountain in Japan : Mt. Fuji

View of sunrise from top of Mt. Fuji

Assalamualaikum & good evening,

Mt. Fuji : the highest mountain in Japan. Also regard as one of 'Japan's Three Holy Mountains' along with Mount Tate and Mount Haku. It is a special place of scenic beauty, a historic site and has been submitted for future inscription on the World Heritage List by UNESCO.

Finished on the introduction on Mt. Fuji. I want to tell a story regarding my experience on climbing the highest mountain in Japan. Honestly, i never climbed any mountain before nor do i have any interest in mountain climbing. Back in Malaysia, the only highest 'natural place' that i've climbed before was Broga Hill. Though, it was just only a 'hill', compared to 'mountain', the hill are just nothing. 



日本の最高の山;富士山は活火山である。標高 3776m の日本最高峰であるとともに、日本三名山(三霊山)、日本百名山、日本の地質百選に選定されている。俺は元々山登りに興味は全然持ってなかった。マレーシアにも、最高の自然な場所を登ったのはブロガ丘ただひとつ。それでも、「丘登り」と「山登り」は本当に違います。「丘」と「山」は二つの違いなもの、登りの難しさも違う。だから、これは俺の山登りの初めての経験だった!


Get ready for an adventure!

There are about 5 routes to the peak of Mt. Fuji, and after done my homework of searching an infos, we decided to climb using Kawaguchiko route. To reach Kawaguchiko 5th station (the starting place to climb using kawaguchiko route), we took a highway bus direct from shinjuku train station to Kawaguchiko 5th station. The process was so convenient that i did it all only using an internet ; the process included finding info, reservation of bus and mountain hut to stay and confirmation with staff/person-in-charge. 

We reached 5th station around 12 noon and started our climbing at 1 in the evening. We used 1 hour gap to get ready of our gears/tools and stop for prayer. After everything was set, we started our climbing with bismillah and a du'a hopefully everything went well. (Alhamdulillah everything going as planned and everyone safely reached the peak and safely return back home).


富士急高速バスでちょうど12時に河口湖5合目に着いた。山登る前に、道具の準備とか体の準備とか、それは全部含めて、1時間ぐらいかかった。ちょうど昼1時に山登りを始めた。よっしゃ!!! 皆、頑張ろう!

Arrived at 6th station 

This 2 picture shows that the people i've met during the climbing. 
Above : full energy grandpa, climbing Mt. Fuji every month just for self-satisfaction and maintaining body stamina. 
Below : a group of Ritsumeikan student that i met. Full of energy and friendly. Sadly, can't continue journey together with them as we only climbed together till 8th station and we got separated. 

フレンドリ; 初めて出会ったのに、すぐ仲良くになる。


Throughout the climbing, we accidentally separated into 2 groups. the 1st group or we so-called 'the fast-pace group' and the 2nd group 'the relax group'. I'm in the 1st group for sure....oh yeahh! The 1st group consists of 4 people including me arrived at 8th station at 4 in the evening. We stopped at 8th station as i've booked a mountain hut to stay overnight. The best part was the hut staff quite surprised as we arrived early, i promised that i'll be there at 5 in the evening. Instead we arrived 1 hour early. We only took 3 hours of climbing to reach 8th station; a great record to be proud of, especially this were our first time. We stayed there for a nap to regain our energy back plus we were being served with a dinner ; set of saba fish with white rice. Alhamdulillah~ 

Midnight at 12, we were set to continue our journey to the top of the mountain, which was at station 9.5, around 700m more. 



Mountain hut where we stayed....taishi-kan
Elevation at 3100m above sea water 

Eventhough there were only another 700m to the top of Mt. Fuji, the road are more steeper than before. Plus, in the dark night, armed with only a headlamp or flashlight, the climb to the top became more challenging. Nevertheless, we 'the fast-pace group' still managed to get a best record for ourselves. We managed to climb to the top of Mt. Fuji with a recorded time of only 2 and a half hour. We reached the top of Mt. Fuji at 2.30 in the morning. It was really early to wait till sunrise which was at 5 in the morning. Plus the temperature at the top was about 5 degree celcius. It was soo cold. I already wore a long-john, 3 layers of shirt and a jacket.....still i could felt the coldness. 


Last 'R&R' or so-called pit-stop before continue journey to the top. 
There are no places to rest after this

Already at 9th station at altitude of 3600m. Another 176m to go

 Setting up our national flag~

Around 4.30 am (Japan local time) at the peak of Mt. Fuji

御来光だ!Yeah's sunrise!

Berkain pelikat di puncak Fuji

Malaysia at the top of Mt. Fuji....we proud to be Malaysian

After all, the trip was excellent and gave me a great experiences~! 
Quoted from my friend's status : 

Cost of climbing Mt. Fuji ;
Backpack = 5000¥
Transportation = 5200¥
Mountain Hut rent = 8000¥
Climbing equipment = 10000¥


watching the beautiful scenery of sunset & sunrise from top of Mt. Fuji 
along with your best friends = PRICELESS

There're just something that money can't buy in this world...

With that, i end this story with a thousand thank you for reading. 
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