Dec 3, 2010

A gift from Wimax

Salam & gd evening to everyone,

It looks like a long time since i last updated this blog. Not having a free time actually, even now I'm preparing for my JLPT test which is a japanese examination to test our level in understanding & communicating. Hope gonna pass it with flying colours eventhough my mock exam result was dissapointing.

So, in this post....i just want to express my gratitude toward P1 Wimax company due to the 4G Wiggy they offered to me. I got it free and just have to pay for rm30 per month. Here's the picture of the latest 4G Wiggy modem :

stand alone 4G Wiggy modem,
with astonishing white & green

Attached to laptop flexible

Email received by PI Wimax regarding 4G Wiggy

What cheerish me more is the data usage and speed of this modem. I just have to pay rm30 per month to enjoy an unlimited data usage (means no quota) : i can download aanything as much i want. With a speed of 1000+ kbps and almost cover all area, plus's WOW!!!

Just tested on the 1st I received this thing.

Looks like i overdone it.....I think I should stop here and gonna continue my JLPT study. Thanks for reading. Thanks Wimax. Do hope for other offer/free gift. =)