Dec 30, 2010

It's worth to try....Ubuntu

Assalamualaikum & gd evening,

Hello everyone...looks like i have da opportunity to update my blog again. Yeah, since i'm on holiday rite now, i've a bunch of free times. So, for today post, just wanna promote more about linux ubuntu Operating System (OS).

Windows developed my Microsoft or other word, we can say as 'Michael-soft' company, has a highly influenced in our beloved country, Malaysia. So, that's why, most of the computer user in Malaysia just know Windows as their OS. Their way of thinking have been narrowed as there's only 1 OS that exist in the cyber world, which is WINDOWS.

There're even some of my friends who don't really understand what is OS....what a pity. Not their fault actually. It is because of the computer/notebook vendor itself. Nowadays, if u buy a desktop/ laptop, it will be pre-installed by Windows OS. So, this is why, most of us just knew Windows as the only OS that exists.

That's why in this post, i want to stressed out that there's another OS that exists & i want to focus more on Linux Ubuntu. Maybe when i said linux, there's some of u who think about programming or those complicated stuff. Don't worry, there's still a linux for a pro & for a beginner too. As for beginner or who i called a newbie, u should use the ubuntu distro. Not exactly for newbie only, even an intermediate user like me....ehem2, =).

I'm also using Ubuntu.

Ubuntu is a user-friendly distro+it has more attractive desktop customization compared to windows (i will stress bout this later). Plus since linux is an open source, all of the distro including ubuntu gained benefits from it, which is free. There is no need to pay for each software as all of u SHOULD DO in windows. Pay a hundreds ringgit to buy Microsoft office, antivirus and many more. Do u?

Gmbar hiasan...

So, back to what i'm gonna focus about....desktop customization. Most of computer user loves to make their desktop looks beautiful, pretty, nice and many more. So, why not try using ubuntu. Not just wallpaper and screensaver, but ubuntu have added a special setting to adjust your desktop to your own taste. You can use animation on your desktop.
Below are some screenshot that i've taken to prove it....enjoy!

My dual boot option, GRUB image.
Ubuntu Sabily and Windows 7

Start-up page

Wobbly effect...

Water effect....can windows do this?

Paint fire on the desktop

Change from a workspace to another....
U can have as many desktop as u want in a single pc

Extra :
piss off!!!

There's no need for antivirus

If u are interested, u can have a try, either u want to download it by urself, or ask for a live dvd, it's FREE!!! For further inquiries, u should check out the Ubuntu Sabily official webpage or blogspot at :

Or you can download the ISO file by urself HERE

p/s : not to forget, i've published my own post about on how to download & install sabily before. U can check it out HERE

Free live dvd that i ordered.....u can have one too!!!

The choice is in ur hand....
Still confius?
Don't forget that u still have a 3rd option, dual boot

Well, i think this is enough for now. Don't be shy to ask me anything. Enjoy.....

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  1. weh zed. cmne nk install linux and nk buat dual boot? n aku pakai netbook doh? takut jd slow. boleh jd x?

  2. Jap, nanti aku cekkan. Insya Allah aku post jwpn scpt mungkn

  3. fb msg ah eh. leceh pulak nk bukak blog kau

  4. dah lama pikiaq nak pakai tapi macy ni penakot! wawawa

  5. zed,'Free live dvd that i ordered' mane ko oder bro..?? free ke?? asal x download online je??

    btw nice post bro, impress la dengan pogress ko..

  6. Baloo : ok2...

    Macy : Jgn tkot la macy. Download dl bnde 2, then wktu mskkn cd utk install, dia akn kuar option utk try/install. Kalo rs x yakin, plh try. Lgpn, even dh install pn, still leh delete OS tu kalo xnk. Dun worry k.

    Azlan : Time aku nk download, speed tenet tgh slow, lmbab jadinya. 2 yg aku order je. Sng.
    Kalo ko nk order, ko pg kt blog sabily 2, ko post kt shoutbox 2...ckp nk order. Kalo x dpt gk, ko cntc aku kt fb

  7. tp zed aku pakai netbook la ade idea tak.. ak dah cube download online tp ternet ak lembab gak.. x leh support.. ade cara lain x?? pendrive blehkn?? ak macam pernah dengar psl gune pendrive tapi ak x pham la.. klo ko tau share la bro..

    ~linux for human being~

  8. Jap2...mslh ko skng ni psl tenet lembab jela kn? Xleh download ubuntu ni.

    Kalo mslh tenet, ko leh order live dvd, cm aku buat. Ko g kt blog linux sabily ni, pastu post kt shoutbox ckp ko nk order live dvd. Kalo x dpt, cntc aku blk.

    Blh je netbook wt dual boot gk...ko leh plh nk install ubuntu 2 side-by-side ngan OS ko skng or install dlm OS ko skng as software

  9. ape beza lau download yg sabili ultimate ngan full@small??

  10. Sabily small...size dia kck je, sesuai utk netbook, x bert. Tp, ada certain software xde dlm 2. But, no worry...software2 tu sme leh je download blk pkai Ubuntu Software Center.

    Tp beza full ngan ultimate, sy x pasti la plak. But, kalo alang2 internet xde mslh, je la ultimate trs. Latest update. Kalo nk senang, order je live DVD. Mcm sy buat. Siap order 3 skali.