May 6, 2012

Fuji-Q Highland : Pump your adrenaline to max level

Salam & こんにちは、

 今年のゴールデンウィーク (Golden Week) の休みは、俺たち;11人ぐらい富士急ハイランドへ 行った。実は、俺たちの行った日は昭和の日の休みですけど、ゴールデンウィークに近づくだから、ゴールデンウィークの休みと言える。

チケットは 5000 円 (Free Pass) と呼ぶ。



On the last 30th of April 2012, Monday : we're having a 'Showa Day'. I'm sorry because i can't explain what is exactly Showa but in a simple term, just know it as a public holiday here in Japan.
So, as we have a straight 3 days holiday, we decided to go to Fuji-Q Highlands. Didn't need a long plan, we just decided it on Sunday night.

So, let the picture do the talking.


Queing to ride Dodonpa

#For your information : Dodonpa is a roller-coaster ride which is on the top 10 list of the most fastest roller-coaster. With a speed of 175km and you can hear a seriously loud sound of the hydraulic pressure being pressed during the starting.
 We have conquered Dodonpa!!!
 The thrill....ええじゃないか!
Fujiyama : Hold world record for highest complete circuit roller-coaster
with a 79m at the highest peak.
 We dared ourselves! How bout you?!

On the way to the top peak....hahaha, awesome dude!
You can even see Mt. Fuji just right in front of you when riding Fujiyama!

Seriously an amazing view. I'm dazzled.
You can see Mt. Fuji
 There you have it. Japan's identity : Mt. Fuji
Just see how the rail goes....crazy rite?
This is 高飛車 (Takabisha)

I forgot to tell that in Fuji-Q Highlands, there are 4 roller-coaster that act as a main attraction here. And yeah, all of the roller-coaster there are super-duper crazy, fast, and amazing. It's really a thrill ride. Unfortunately, i didn't get the chance to ride 高飛車 (Takabisha) and ええじゃないか (Eejyanaika). It's not because that i'm afraid of something or's just there is a technical problem. Takabisha really took a long time; need to queue around 2 hours to ride. As a result, i gave up queuing. While 'Eejyanaika' is closed on that day....maintenance maybe.
Just wait till you see the craziest part of the Takabisha 




 This is what i meant by....inward curve of the Takabisha!

Yup, Takabisha again...from a different side for sure

Next, we dared ourselves to enter 'The Haunted House.' Actually, it should be called 'The Haunted Hospital.' Japanese do believe that an abandoned hospital will 'definitely' be a place for ghost and other uninvited souls to live. Therefor here in Fuji-Q Highland, an abandoned hospital there is turned into 'Haunted House' & open to all tourist. hahaha....seriously nice rite.

There we have it...the abandoned hospital

The entrance

Look! There's a corpse in front of the entrance! 
 Yeah! We have conquered this too!!!

It looks like we have come to the end of the day. The Hanted House was the last attraction we played and now, it's time to go back.



Special :

There's always an exit door right before you ride any roller-coaster.
Just in case you change your mind at the very last-minute.
'Chicken way' is what they called it. lol

Pray before ride any deadly dangerous roller-coaster.
Well, our spot to perform solat.
Zohor, Asar & Maghrib

Taking picture with 1 of Fuji-Q mascot.
He's quite sporting.

Well, that's all for this post. Hope you enjoy all of the picture. See you again & do visit me again on my next post. About 'tour around Hakone.' 


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