May 2, 2012

My plaything arrived!

Salam & こんにちは、

On 28th of March 2012...finally, the time has come.
 My plaything that i've ordered finally arrived.
Yes, this is what i meant.
An Alienware gaming desktop.
Alienware X51


 My CPU with LG 24inch flat screen

After a couple of minutes taken to set up the master-piece...
Here it become :

Close-up view

Seriously, i'm really satisfied with the sleek-design & overall performance.
Here a screenshot from windows index score.


  1. hsrd disk ambik hdd or ssd?

  2. hdd je's still rare isn't it to find ssd computer? Furthermore, the price will be skyrocketing if 1TB ssd

  3. beli SSD 60GB pastu install windows dalam tu..
    experience index naik gile2 nyer..

  4. Aku x bape tau lak psl ssd ni...anyway, ko ada custom desktop? Pkai ssd ke?