May 2, 2012

Online shopping in Japan

Assalamualaikum & こんにちは、

As you may know, Japan is one of the most modern country in the world. Thus, an online shopping has becoming a trend in a modern country like Japan. Just shopping as much as you want via online & your order will be send directly in front of your house. Most importantly, 100% safety. No case like, buying a handphone online & only stone mortar (batu lesung) sent to home. ;P   Seriously, no need to worry about fraud or untrusted seller here in Japan.

So, in this post i want to tell about the goods of shopping online trend here in Japan. For an easy example, i want to share on how to buy Halal food. As i'm muslim, i must eat only halal food & it's hard to find it here. Definitely. It's hard to find halal food in any non islamic country.

First of all, looks at the picture below. It's a printscreen from the web of one of halal food seller in Japan : baticrom

Home page view

There's a bunch type of food you can order.
There's even 'Malaysian shelf' 

List of food they 'Malaysian shelf' category

Simple isn't it? 4 simple steps without even going out from your house :
1. Just enter their url/website link
2. Browse through all the food category, choose what you want to buy
3. Enter your personal detail,address to be send
4. Relax and wait for your order to arrive

One more thing that amused me is the delivery service in Japan. We can even set what time we want the item to be send in front of our house. Got it? Not only date....even time!
There is an option such as '2-4pm', '4-6pm' and so on.....there's like 5/6 option of time you can choose from and the item you ordered will exactly arrive in the range of time you chose. Well, i think that everyone knows about the time management in Japan. They take time as a very serious matter. Punctuality is one of their policy!

Before i end this post, there're a little picture for your viewing....i ordered before using baticrom.

My package arrived!

Inside i spent : 7000yen+

Boneless mutton, cost me 1300yen for 1kg

Ikan keli goreng berlada.
Ikan keli bought from baticrom

That's all for this post.
Thanks for reading.
Do visit again & wait for my next post.
Till then....see you again.



  1. Hey webmaster, your site,s design is superb and loving it. Your posts are so cool. Please continue this good work. Regards.

  2. wah untung lah! mesti seronok kan zed! aku ada stalk pictures kau kat fb few days before aku deactivate. hehe. gembira sungguh tengok kau. jealous jealous :p belajar sungguh sungguh!

  3. Eh, ko deactivate fb...biar benar? Xtau lak aku....exam mood ke skng ni? Insya Allah...doakan yg trbaik utk aku & same with you too. Gd luck gk!