Apr 27, 2012

東海大学の Welcoming Party

Salam & こんにちは、

今回は俺を参加した留学生の Welcoming Party について話す:

土曜日、2012年4月21日に東海大学のログハウスでパーティーを行った。そのパーティーの目的は東海大学生と一緒に混ぜて、お互いにもっとよく知られる。特に来たばかり留学生だ。だから、俺は「友達を作りたい」という目的に向かって、そのパーティーを参加した。結果は、本当に良かったと思う。いろいろな友達をできて、食べ物も美味しくて(実は、ジュースしか飲めなかった)。そしてそのパーティーでやったゲームも勝った。BINGO のゲームだ!



On last Saturday, i participated in 'Tokai University Welcoming Party' that was exclusively made for us; foreign students. The party was held at Tokai University Log House (as shown in the picture above); starting at 3 o'clock in the evening until around 6 in the evening.

It was soo much fun as i gathered soo many friends there. I didn't expect that there are many other foreign students who studying in Tokai University. There are students who came from Thailand, Nepal, Pakistan, , China, UAE, Australia, Germany, Italy, Russia, Brazil.....that's all that i can remeber. It's a great opportunity that i can make friends around the globe. We talk a little bit about our own country (for sure i talk about the good side of Malaysia) and exchange our contact number.

I still remember some of their names like Kou from China, Raihan from Pakistan, Zizo & Boss from UAE (their nickname of course), Kelly from Brisbane Australia, Steven from Germany, Adam from Russia and Gustavo from Brazil. I found that most of them are not a new student here as they already got their own groups and gang. But anyway, i just like 'muka tembok' and approached them & said 'hye, nice to meet you' or something in Japanese 'はじめまして' & so the conversation continue. Haha

卓也 (Takuya), me & Kou from China

*These takuya guy; his english is really awesome.
He spent 1 & half year in America studying pilot

With japanese 俊亮 (Shunsuke)  and....i forgot his name #@%_

Don't have the chance to snap a picture with other foreigners.



それ以外は、あそこのパーティーでパフォーマンスがあった。来た人に楽しませるため。三つパフォーマンスがあって、個人的に一番楽しいは最後のパフォーマンスだ。やっぱ、英語のことわざにより;Save the best for the last. 日本語に翻訳ならば;「最後のために、最高を保つ」と言えるかなぁ~
しかし、他の二つのパフォーマンスはつまらないと言えない。実は、すべては自分の特性を持っていて、俺は彼らを見て本当に楽しかった。最後のアクティビティは、ビンゴゲームだ。先言ったように、このゲームで俺が勝った。でも、大賞を受賞したみたいな感じではないが、特別賞のようなものを勝った。プレゼントは Tosho カードだ。

1st performance ; awesome harmonica play

2nd performance ; more to traditional dance

Lastly ; great dance show....as seen in 'Step-up' movie

See you again.
Do visit, read & comment my blog again. Will update as soon as possible.


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