Apr 20, 2012

Land of The Rising Sun...here I come!

Salam & こんにちは、

Finally, the time has come...after 3 years of waiting, it's arrived. To further my study in Japan. I departed from Kuala Lumpur International Airport on Saturday, 24th March 2012, 11.30 pm (local time).

Thanks guys for sending me off....
"brotherhood never dies"

Anyway, that's the only photo i have in my laptop during my departure at KLIA. Wish to upload a family picture that was snap before i enter the gate, but i don't have it. My sister didn't upload it in her facebook....yet!

So, the adventure continues as i enter the flight ; MAS MH088 with the other 28 of us. The journey to Narita Airport, Tokyo took around 7 hours. During the 7 hours journey, i just slept tightly in my seat & only woke up when it's time to eat. hehe....

Japan Visa & flight Ticket

Around 7 in the morning (Japan time) arrived in Narita International Airport. We have been told that Narita is 1 of the busiest airport in the world. Luckily for us, as we arrived early in the morning, there aren't a lot of people and all of the entering Japan process went smoothly, especially the Japan Immigration.

The luckiest 1st trip to Japan

From Narita, we were welcomed by some of our senior who stayed near Tokyo and been taken to Hachioji by bus that has been specially reserved by JICA (a consultant who take care of our affair in Japan). We stayed in Hachioji Seminar House while waiting for our senior to take us to our respective place. It's a great time at Hachioji since we got a free meal....3/4 times a day. Plus, we just free most of the time. So, we decided to take a walk around since it's quite bored to just stay in there.

Hachioji Seminar House....unique architechture

First, we just dare to have a walk near the Seminar House....to 7eleven which is about 10-15 minutes walk. Oh yeah, i forgot to mention that during that time, it's around 2-5 degree celcius. Especially on the day i arrived at Narita, it was 0 degree celcius....damn freezing cold!

After a few days stayed there & after our senior, Rifqi took us out to see the outside world....we have the guts to travel to 'Minami Osawa' & 'Akihabara'.

Minami Osawa (南大沢) is just near our Seminar House. Just take a bus until last stop to Minami Osawa; it's a place for shopping. While Akihabara (秋葉原) or most of us just called it 'Akiba' is quite far. In fact we have to take quite a number of trains and have to change at certain station. Akiba is famous for gadget and action figure.

1st time to Akihabara....Rifqi as tour guide. ;p

In front of 1 of the Halal restaurant that can be found in Akiba.


2nd time to Akiba...coming by ourselves.

Okay, i think that's all for now. I will continue to update my blog and i can promise to all of you reader out there, as there are a lot more things to come. Just keep reading. Thank you.

Sekian, salam


  1. patut buat special pasal gi akiba tu, buat tajuk dia
    Rombongan cik kiah ke akiba. :D

  2. Haha...igtkn nk wt cmtu gak. Tp nant x byk modal lak nk cte utk post ni. Dh la xde byk koleksi gmba pn. 2 yg trpaksa campurkn je.