Apr 22, 2012

Bon Appetit! いただきます~

Salam, Selamat Sejahtera & こんにちは、

For this time, i want to make it like a special edition post. A post about food.

Yeah, food!!

Dishes that i've cooked throughout 3 weeks in Japan. But, not everyday that i'm hardworking enough to cook...especially on the early arrival in Japan. Had soo much thing to settle and in fact my home in the early days, don't have a complete equipment to cook. So, honestly it's just around 10 dishes that i've cook. Seriously, i'm proud of myself. I never thought that i could cook like this...all were in perfect taste, not too salty, tawar or anything. It's perfect....well, that's from my own taste-bud & my housemate do agree with it. ;D

First of all, let's take a view of my kitchen. Here, my house in Japan. Please take note that most house in Japan are not big compared to Malaysian house. They just moderate in size as it's only comfortable/suitable for a certain number of people depends on the house. As my house, it's for 2 persons house. And i would admit, it's comfortable for me.

My kitchen...always make sure it's tidy and clean~

Here is where all the 'potong-potong' session take place.
Potong bawang, timun, kobis...bla2

Kitchen shelves, fridge and multi-purpose rack

Speaking of the multi-purpose rack, do you know why we called it 'multi-purpose'? It's not just because we can place soo many things on it. But, the rack has it's own magic as well....look the picture below :

Well, this is it...the multi-purpose rack.
Let me explain about the meaning of number 1,2, & 3.
1. Put all the rice (beras) into it.
2. Just press the no. 1 (150 g) or 2 (300 g)....amount of rice we want to cook
3. Take out the rice (beras), and perform usual process.

See...easy right? ;D For your information, i bought this rack at 2nd second-hand shop. Bought it at a price of 5000 yen (estimately around RM187.60)

So, back to the food story that i want to tell about. Here's the next picture...
(full of spices and seasoning that i brought from Malaysia)

First 2 basket full of it

3rd basket and a Hershey's too~ ;D

Ok, so that's it. An overview of my kitchen. So, i'll show the dishes that i've cooked on the next picture. Please enjoy it. It's hard to find Malaysian food here or even to have a smell of Malaysia asam pedas when you're walking by the street/restaurant....so, just imagine how the feeling when i finally did the cooking. It's soo great when i can taste Malaysian food again. Furthermore, when i'm the chef.

1st attempt....masak bersama nyai di Saitama Prefecture

Ayam goreng for lunch at home

After chicken, it's turn for fried fish lak...

Dh pro goreng-goreng, baru turn untuk masak lauk.
Ayam masak lemak!

Tomyam campur! There's shrimp, cuttlefish, chicken, cabbage & mushroom

Ayam masak merah wooo~

Ayam masak merah telah dihidang!

Next menu : Ayam masak kicap

The latest i cooked ; menu for lunch today.
Mee Bandung!

Mee Bandung ready to eat~

Well, so, how's it? Not bad right? Dah boleh jadi calon suami mithali ni~ ;p

Chef of Tokai~
Ready to participate in Master Chef, Japan...

Before i end this post, just want to show a picture of me eating at one of japanese favourite sushi restaurant around here, スシロ (sushiro) :

Yeah, i ate all of these 11 plates....alone!
Plus, a parfeit ice-cream as dessert

Till next time! See ya!

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