Apr 25, 2012

Tokai turns into motor show

Salam & こんにちは、


This is it! Lexus LFA right in front of my department building!

俺もあのとき本当にびっくりしたんだ!「何でこのような車ここにあるんだ?何のためこれ?Exhibition とか個人的の使用か?」という質問ずっと頭に浮かんだ。
あそこに少数な人を聞いた後、答えが見つけた。そのすごい車は…実は、学科の研究のためだ!動力機械工学科の!へぇ…そんな。まさに研究のためでも、本当の車を使うか?そのうえ、普通の車じゃなくて、Lexus LFA だよ!本当にすげぇ車だ!


じゃ、俺もそのような研究をやりたい。来年、また来てねぇ LFA 。俺の研究のため、ふふふ~


Just trying my ability to write in Japanese. Hope can write much longer next time.

So, what i just explained just now is like a story. It happened on last friday, 20th April 2012.
When i'm on my way to building 12, Tokai University....i saw a group of people gathered around something.
As my curiosity grows, i went into those group to see what had happened. And there it was. 

A spectacular view of 2 Lexus LFA, like a sexy woman showing off their body to the crowd. What a sexy car made by Japan. Marvellous~

Those sexy eyes watching you back...

It happens that those Lexus LFA is for research-purpose. 1 of the research in my department.
Wow...that's damn great. Research using a real car. In fact, a damn nice sport-car. What a superb!





Le はエンジンの出力
Vs はエンジンの行程容積(排気量)
N はエンジンの回転速度


それで、練習として俺たちは Lexus LFA の正味平均有効圧力の計算する機会を得た。結果は本当にすごかった。


After mesmerized by the beauty of Lexus LFA, i went back into bulding 12 as i got a lesson at that time. An Engine Engineering lesson (direct translation from japanese). As the name of the subject is about engine, so basically all the things is about engine. Car engine! 

So, on that day, my lecturer taught us about the mean effective pressure of an engine. He said, "When you can calculate the mean effective pressure of an engine, thus you can know "the base performance of the engine." Doesn't this sounds great?

The great things happened next is we got the opportunity to calculate the mean effective pressure of Lexus LFA engine. Then, my lecturer told us to compare our result with Skyline GT-R R35. I just can't believe it. At that instant, we knew which car is better though.

End of the story~

Do enjoy the next photo...



The next picture showed has nothing to do with the story above. But still, it took part in my university. But for others events.

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