Apr 21, 2012

お花見! Hanami in Spring...

Salam to readers & こんにちは、

Ever wonder what is Hanami? Well....let's see the picture below?

This is called sakura

Close-up picture

So, after viewing all the photos above, have you got the answer of what is "Hanami"?

If you're guessing hanami is some sort of flower, you're WRONG.
In fact, Hanami is some sort of activity.
Where you have a picnic under a bunch of sakura tree.

Like this :

This is JAD Hanami gathering at 昭和記念公園

Yes, it was like that...
having a picnic under the sakura,
It is called "Hanami".
Which means : flower viewing activity

Back to the story i want to tell ; during my arrival here in Japan, i have the opportunity to see sakura bloom & join the hanami event that held every year. For your information, sakura only bloom on the first 2 weeks in the Spring season. Then after that, it will gradually wilt.

So, on my first hanami event, we went to 小田原城公園 (Odawara Castle) which is just around here. We took 小田急線 (Odakyu Line) to 終点 (final station) which is 小田原 (Odawara). It was actually like a Tokai Hanami lead by our ex-JAD lecturer, Aziz Sensei. Now, he's pursuing his phD. in Tokai University. So, enjoy the picture :

View from top of Odawara Castle.....you can see the perfect blue sea.

Finish of the 1st hanami, next my 2nd Hanami event is at 昭和記念公園 (Shouwa-Kinen Garden) which is quite far from my place. It is near 八王子 (Hachioji) and we have to take a number of train and change station several times before reaching our destination here. This time, it is JAD hanami gathering. So, enjoy the next phase of Hanami picture.

Either than picnic, it's a perfect place to perform jamaah too...

Other than sakura, there's a tulip too

Rows of beautiful flowers...mostly tulips around here

Us....無限大たち。Unfortunately, i'm not in the picture. Went somewhere else...

So, that's it. Hope all of the pictures that full of beautiful flowers do mesmerize you. Well, in fact of Japan is one of the most advanced country in the world, maybe you only thinks of gadget-gadget and all the skyscrapper towering above the city of Japan. Well, at least i do have such way of thinking...before. Seriously, they (the Japanese) really take a good care of their nature...that's why Japan is rated in top 10 countries which practice recycle in their daily life. Hence, their environment are still full with the beauty nature of God's creation. Allah Akbar

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Sekian, salam...