Jan 12, 2013

2013 New Year's Sunrise #ドッペラ

New Year's sunrise

Assalamualaikum & good evening,

After searching for a while on the net & contacted the person in charge, i joined a bicycle tour group in japan. As i said before on my earlier post; bicycle has been number 1 transportation beside train here in Japan. And, since i have bought a good bicycle which cost me a sum of money, i want to make it real worth. Rather than only cycling to university, i was thinking of using it for a cycling tour. As for a first step, this what i did....joined a DOPPELGANGER TOKYO group. 





After participating in the society, i was invited to join in their New Year's activity; watching a New Year's sunrise at Tokyo Gate Bridge. This was the first event for me, & the first time to meet with the others Doppelganger Tokyo members. It has been Japan's tradition in which they will go to temple for pray & watching the New Year's sunrise.

It was already past 12 midnight, now it's 1st January 2013. Regarding the event, the place to meet-up was at Wakasu Seaside Park. Since we're required to assemble at 6 in the morning, i need to leave my house at 3.30 in the morning. Luckily, the trains are working 24 hours during that time. So, i packed up my camera & my bicycle, departed to the nearest train station to the Wakasu Seaside Park which is Shinkiba Station.

Along my way to Shinkiba Station, most of the train i rode were either less in passenger or empty. Train in Japan are usually crowded but to see such emptiness in the train was like 'once in a blue moon.'

This train is mine!





Source : New Year's Sunrise 

823 Shadow ; shadowed by the sun


Tokyo Gate Bridge

Overall, the event ended at 12 noon. After watching sunrise, we went for a little cycling around Tokyo. Wait....was it 'little'?! I think i cycled more than 10km that day. After that, we had our breakfast together & having a nice warm chit-chat before we went back home. Such a nice & great experience on my 1st participating event. 





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