Jan 8, 2013

Family Visit -Part 1-

Assalamualaikum & good evening,

On 7th December 2012, my family (only my mother & my little sister) came to Japan. It was on Friday & luckily i only have classes in the morning. Their flight from Malaysia are scheduled to arrive at Narita International Airport at 10 pm (Japan local time). 

Welcome to Japan!

Since i want to make this post more like a picture diary (more picture, less description), i find out it would be too long if want to make it in 1 post. Therefore, i will divide it into 3 parts and each part only for 4 days of travelling photos. Thus, 3 parts will consist a total of 12 days of travelling photo. Do enjoy~ (click on the picture for larger view)

Hanging out at Narita Airport before going back to my home

Arrive at Tokai Daigaku-mae station
(the nearest train station to my house)


Day 1 : Travel along Yamanote Line (JR Train)

From my house, we head to Shinjuku station then we travelled along Yamanote Line. We stopped at certain stations which were Akihabara, Tokyo, Shibuya & Harajuku. Let the pictures do the talking. Bon Voyage~ 

The busiest station in Japan, Shinjuku Station 

They got 18 platforms (if i'm not mistaken) in Shinjuku Station only for JR Train

Next, Tokyo Station (after renovation)

Next, Shibuya Station

In front of the famous Hachi-ko statue in Shibuya.
About a dog who's loyal waiting for its owner till death comes 

Shibuya Crossing, one of the busiest cross-street in the world

After taking our lunch at Thai's restaurant in Shibuya 

Final trip for the day, Harajuku & Omotesando

My lil sister with her bicycle

Harajuku Takeshita Street 

Omotesando unique Tokyu Plaza entrance 

Harajuku station


Day 2 : Odaiba & Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo Trick Art Museum Odaiba

VIew of Odaiba Rainbow Bridge can be seen clearly 

Odaiba Statue of Liberty 

Us :)

My personal 1st best picture taken
(Odaiba Rainbow Bridge night view)

Indoor Amusement Park at Tokyo Joypolis, Odaiba Deck

Headed to Tokyo Solamachi, where Tokyo Skytree is located


Day 3 : Hakone

One of the many tourist attraction near my house. All the way to Odawara & will enter the Hakone gateway. I don't want to describe much about Hakone on this post because i want to make it full of pictures. To read further about Hakone, i already wrote about it before. 


Day 4 : Yoyogi Mosque & Machida

Since i had full classes on this day, there were not much time to travel. Both Yoyogi Mosque & Machida are only along my train station. Though, still take times about 1 hour to reach there. 

Thanks to my friend, Jay because accompanied & bring my family here. 
I got classes during the day

That's it. The end of this post entitled 'Family Visit -Part 1-'. 
Do visit again to know where are other exciting places that we went to. 
Thank you for reading. 

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