Jan 11, 2013

Family Visit -Part 3-

Assalamualaikum & good evening,

Continue from post before (Family Visit -Part 2-), click here to read Family Visit -part-2 or here Family Visit -part-1 to know what we have done & where did i bring my family to travel here in Japan. On this post, i should be continuing from day 9 to day 12. In other words, this is the final part for 'Family Visit' posts. Do enjoy~ (click on the picture for a larger view)


Day 9 : Kobe & Osaka

As continuing from Day 8 : Kyoto, in day 9, we went to Kobe. Kobe, which was once hit by one of Japan biggest earthquake. History recorded that the earthquake or being called as 'Great Hanshin earthquake' or 'Kobe earthquake' struck on 17 January 1995 and almost completely destroyed the city. 

Elvis Presley in Kobe 

Kobe Port, was once  badly damaged by the effect of Kobe eathquake. 
Now stand still beautifully 

Guess what? We're taking a cruise! 

Oh look! They all seems like lego~ 

Submarine in Kobe~ 

Next, we just went to Osaka for dinner....Malaysian restaurant in Osaka

Osaka Station Christmas Illumination


Day 10 : Back to Tokyo

Basically, there's nothing much we have done on this day. Just going back to Tokyo & have a restful day since all of us were tired from travelling everyday. Still, i want to upload some picture as we're going back by shinkansen (bullet train). Yes...a BULLET TRAIN. Seems to me that Japan is famous for its bullet train & thus i presume most of you out there know of it. It's a fast train, but still it's not the fastest model in its kind. We only managed to ride the 3rd fastest model of bullet train. 

Nozomi N700 bullet train's model, gain a maximum speed of 300km/h and tilting up to 1 degree to allow it to maintain a speed of 270km/h even on 2500m radius curve~ (engineering facts...source at N700 Shinkansen wikipedia)

Just imagine that this train cut the time taken to travel between kyoto-tokyo by 3 & half hour. Shinkansen took 2.5 hours to reach tokyo while highway bus took 6 hours from tokyo-kyoto. 


Day 11 : Yokohama

We went to Yokohama during night to meet with my cousin. We just hang-out having dinner together & just walked by the port of Yokohama to indulge in the picturesque view of Yokohama.

Dinner at Indonesian restaurant. 
Unfortunately, the restaurant that we want to go in the 1st place was already closed 


Final Day, Day 12 : Doraemon Museum & Ginza

'Port' where nobita used to hang-out with his friends in the Doraemon series 

'Pintu suka hati' 

It said that after you ate this bread, it will increase your memory strength 

In front of the original Seiko Department Store, Ginza, Japan 

Well, that's it. The end of our 12 days of travel. It was tiring nevertheless a splendid vacation. To have such a great time together with your love one, for sure it will be an unforgettable memory in my life. In the night, it's time to send off my family back to Malaysia. A little sad of course, but since i'll be going back to Malaysia soon so...we'll meet again. Love you all~ 

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Do visit again.
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