Jan 8, 2013

Family Visit -Part 2-

Assalamualaikum & good evening,

Continue from post before (Family Visit -Part 1-), click HERE TO READ the post before & know what we have done from day 1 to day 4. On this post, i should be continuing from day 5 to day 8. Unfortunately, i had full day classes on day 5, thus we weren't going anywhere. So, to make it simpler, i just skip to day 6.

Early in the morning on day 6, we went out to Tokyo Disneysea. We departed from Chiba Prefecture. We stayed overnight (the night before) at my friend's house in Chiba Prefecture as Tokyo Disneysea is nearer to their houses. Do enjoy~ (click on the picture for larger view)


Day 6 : Tokyo Disneysea

Mediterranean theme park 
(feels like in italy)

 Now, who said titanic was sank? It was there, behind me...

With Minnie 

Middle East Coast 
(feels like living during The Abbasiyah Empire) 

Mermaid Island 

Night view, great light effect from the lamp post

Honestly speaking, Tokyo Disneysea was the biggest & best theme park i've been to....at least it's based on my own personal experiences. Outside Malaysia, I've been to Hong Kong Disneyland & Universal Studio Singapore, i can say that i'm quite satisfied after touring the park on 1 whole day. But not with Tokyo Disneysea. With a spectacular view on each parks (i think they got around 6 parks with each different theme), i always stopped for a while to take a nice picture. Not included time taken to line-up for each ride. Seriously, 1 whole day isn't enough to tour completely (including playing all the rides) in Tokyo Disneysea....at least it's for me. 


Day 7 : Tokai University

After 1 whole day of travelled at Tokyo Disneysea, i decided to make the pace a little slower. At least it can give my mum a little rest. Thus, i decided to bring them to visit my university here in Japan. With all proud, i presented : Tokai University


Day 8 : Kyoto

 The famous Golden Temple in Kyoto
Yup, it is made from pure gold

Thanks to my friends for the guide throughout our stay in Kyoto

At Arashiyama Light, Kyoto 

We're like siblings... ;)

Well, it's already end of Day 8. Before i end this post, i want to personally thanks my friends again & again for willing to sacrifice your time to bring us travel in the area of Kyoto. Since it was also my first time to step my foot in Kyoto, i also didn't know much about the area. Once again, thank you my friend. 

With that, end of Family Visit -Part 2-
Thanks for reading
Do visit again to know where are we heading next~

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